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Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents, Wedding Party and More

Bottom Line Recommendation:

Make your wedding extra special by choosing beautiful, timeless gifts for your parents, wedding party, grandparents and even your spouse-to-be. Give your bridesmaids diamond pendants to wear with their dresses and your mother-in-law a diamond heart bracelet to compliment her outfit.

We recommend purchasing your wedding season jewelry from a highly reputable vendor. For diamond jewelry, we suggest James Allen, Blue Nile and Brian Gavin. For colored gemstone jewelry, consider Blue Nile, Leibish & Co. and James Allen.

Instead of choosing gifts that may or may not be used again, opt for jewelry: it’s both meaningful and lasting. From bracelets to earrings, check out all of the wedding gift ideas below.  

Weddings are an ideal time to recognize the special people in your life. Whether it’s your maid of honor or beloved grandmother, a piece of jewelry helps to show how much they mean to you.

By giving gifts for your wedding, you demonstrate your appreciation for your loved ones and their help in preparing for your big day. You’ll also give them something meaningful to wear for years to come.

Infinity Love Knot Pendant

Our guide below offers you plenty of inspiration for your wedding gifts—from earrings to bracelets to pendants. You’ll find something for every style and special person in your life.

Once you decide on your wedding gifts, consider when you’d like to present them. Most couples give their gifts at the rehearsal dinner, but some choose to hand them out on the morning of the wedding.

Whom to Buy Wedding Gifts For

It often takes a village to plan and put on a wedding. Be sure to appreciate everyone who has helped you along the way and the other special people in your life.

Consider gifts for your:

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

The ladies you’ve chosen probably include your best friends, sisters or cousins. They’re the women who’ve been by your side through all of the good times and the tough ones, too. Choose a beautiful gift to let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

Bridesmaid gift ideas:

Pearl bracelet

Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

For other bridesmaid jewelry gifts under $100, check out the collection at Blue Nile.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

The men standing next to you on your wedding day are the guys you can trust. From goofy memories to heart-to-heart chats, these men have been backing you for a long time. Show your appreciation for their friendship with a sharp-looking gift.

Round Onyx Cuff Links

Groomsmen gift ideas:

For other groomsmen gifts and accessories under $100, check out the collection at Blue Nile.

Mother of the Bride or Groom Gift Ideas

Aquamarine And Diamond Halo Necklace

Whether you’re joining her family or have been a part of it since you were little, give your mother and mother-in-law gifts they’ll cherish. They can wear their jewelry on your wedding day, and on many occasions to come.

Mother of the bride or groom gift ideas:

For other mother and mother-in-law gift ideas, check out the collection at Blue Nile.

Father of the Bride or Groom Gift Ideas

Tie Clip

Your father or father-in-law might be goofy, serious, sentimental or laid back. Choose a gift that fits his personality and will appeal to his softer side. Whether or not he shows it or not, a thoughtful gift will definitely be appreciated.

Father of the bride or groom gift ideas:

For other father and father-in-law gift ideas and accessories, check out the collection at Blue Nile.

Diamond Jewelry Wedding Gift Ideas

Diamonds make for beautiful, classic gifts. Choose pieces that match your personality or the personality of the recipient.

If your wedding party will wear the jewelry as a part of their wedding day ensemble, select the color of precious metal that matches best. Look through the suggestions below to get a sense of the designs available.

Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

Your mom, grandma or bridesmaids can wear this special gift close to their hearts. Consider a six prong pendant or opt for a wire basket diamond pendant to allow for maximum light reflection.

Necklace and pendant gift ideas:

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Give your sister, mom or flower girl something she can wear with any outfit: a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet.

Diamond bracelet gift ideas:

Diamond Earrings

Whether you prefer stud or drop earrings, there are plenty of stunning options to choose from. Try simple studs for a timeless look or petite hoop earrings for something dressy yet chic.

Diamond earring gift ideas:

Diamond Rings

Although diamond rings are often associated with engagement, they make beautiful gifts for other occasions, too.  You can find a design that’ll become a keepsake for mom or grandma.

Diamond ring gift ideas:

Colored Gemstone Wedding Gift Ideas

Want to give a vibrant gift for your wedding? Consider a colored gemstone alternative like a sapphire, ruby or topaz.

Gemstones are eye-catching and usually less expensive than diamonds. For mom, grandma or your spouse-to-be, choose a stunning gemstone ring, pendant, bracelet or set of earrings.

Gemstone Necklaces and Pendants

Drop Pendant

Design a pendant that bursts with personality. Your bridesmaids can wear it on the wedding day and on many occasions in the future.

Necklace and pendant gift ideas:

Gemstone Bracelets

Choose a stunning gemstone bracelet for your spouse-to-be, mother-in-law or wedding reader. The colorful stone will add flair and personality to his or her outfit.

Opt for a single gemstone or a multi-colored look. Nearly every type of gemstone can be set in a bracelet, from amethysts to emeralds.

Gemstone bracelet gift ideas:

Gemstone Earrings

Colored gemstones earrings have a way of stealing the show. Their vivid colors draw attention and add a spark of personality to any outfit.

Styles and shapes vary greatly for gemstone earrings and you can even design your own studs with James Allen.

Gemstone earring gift ideas:

Gemstone Rings

Petite Vintage Emerald Ring

Design a specialty ring out of a colored gemstone for your godmother or mistress of ceremonies. There are so many beautiful options out there.

Gemstone ring gift ideas:

Where to Purchase Your Wedding Gifts

The best recommendation we can give you for purchasing wedding gifts is to choose a highly reputable vendor. Our years of experience in the jewelry industry have given us a consistent pulse on which vendors you can trust.

The vendors we suggest below offer remarkable diamond and gemstone jewelry. Each piece is made of high-quality metal and stones. By choosing one of these vendors, you’ll have a gift that will last for years and even generations.

Blue Nile

  • Maintains the largest online inventory of diamonds
  • Focuses on remarkable quality
  • Offers a range of both diamond and colored gemstone designs

James Allen

  • Emphasizes the customer experience
  • Offers appealing prices
  • Provides a wide selection of diamond jewelry

Leibish & Co.

  • Showcases a large collection of colored gemstone jewelry
  • Focuses on high-quality settings
  • Offers colored diamond jewelry as well

Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Substandard Jewelry for Your Wedding

Many jewelers, especially brick and mortar stores, seem to offer great gift options for weddings and other celebrations. For example, their advertising and marketing efforts target couples during the wedding season. But the quality of their jewelry is usually inferior and costs far more than it’s worth.

Visit our reviews page to learn more about the major jewelers before you make a purchase you’ll regret.

Final Thoughts on Wedding Gifts

No matter which pendant, bracelet, ring or set of earrings you decide on, know that thoughtful gifts are what matters the most. The special people in your wedding will appreciate the care and love you put into their gift—and they’ll think of you every time they wear it.

For assistance in finding the best jewelry for your exact need, send us an email.

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