Green Diamond Buying Guide: Shapes, Shades, Rarity and Price

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Natural green diamonds are actually quite interesting. Green diamonds are found with a green hue that ranges from a light green to a rich, deep color. Here is a stunning example of a green diamond at its finest. Unlike other colored diamonds, the green color is actually a result of exposure to radioactivity. And no, there is absolutely no need to worry, holding the stone isn’t dangerous in any way at all. These stones are quite beautiful, but extremely rare. Hence, they are often far pricier than other colored diamonds.

The Rarity of a Green Diamond

Green diamonds are considered one of the rarer colors within the world of color. In fact, the only primary colors that are more difficult to find are red, pink, blue, violet, and orange.

However, although they are technically less rare than a pink diamond, for example, it is still more difficult to source a good quality fancy green diamond.  Since pink diamonds have such a high demand, there are more diamond dealers who bother to invest in those stones. There are a total of 12 primary diamond colors, with several of them being found in a considerably great abundance.

Color Intensity Levels

A fancy color diamond’s color grade is based on both the colors within the stone and the color intensity level. The color intensity levels green diamonds are found with are: Faint Green, Very Light Green, Light Green, Fancy Light Green, Fancy Green, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, and Fancy Deep.

Color Combinations

Pure green diamonds are preferred, but most green diamonds appear with secondary colors. These colors can be one or even two of the following hues: yellow, yellowish, blue, bluish, brown, brownish, gray, grayish, gray yellowish, and grayish yellowish.

There are many color combinations among these colors. For example, below is a picture of a 2.32 carat, Fancy Deep Grayish Yellowish Green. It is very much a green diamond, but with two overtone colors.

Origin of Color

As mentioned earlier, the green color is caused by the exposure to radioactivity or atomic radiation that the diamonds endured over millions of years. This process is incredibly rare, resulting in a color that is extremely difficult to obtain.

In order to make identifying a genuine green diamond a bit easier, some polishers have taken to leaving what is called a “Natural” on the girdle of the stone so that someone assessing the stone can recognize the color as natural and provide the diamond with appropriate certification. This refers to an unpolished area between the girdle and pavilion of the stone, exposing the natural color of the rough.

Mining Sources

Green diamonds are found in several locations around the world. Some of the most prevalent sources are in various areas of South America. Occasionally they are found in Central Africa as well.

Famous Green Diamonds

Over history, there have been several noteworthy green diamonds that have become famous. These stones owe their fame to their unusual size, color, or clarity.

The largest and most famous green diamond is the Dresden Green. This stone is almost 41 carats in size and displays an apple green color. Another famous green diamond is The Ocean Dream, which is one of the rarest stones on the planet. The 5.51-carat Fancy Deep Blue-Green diamond is shield-shaped and is the only natural diamond that we know of to display this color combination.
Affordability of Green Diamonds
Being on a budget does not mean nixing the idea of owning a green diamond. In fact, often a very light green diamond will have a nice tint that will add uniqueness to your purchase without breaking the bank. Take this 1.72ct round diamond for example. The prices of green diamonds range greatly depending on their size, shape, color, quality, and source. Have a look through Leibish & Co.’s collection of natural green diamonds so you can get a better understanding of what stones are available and what the prices are. As you can see from our Leibish Review, we wholeheartedly recommend them for anyone looking for fancy color diamonds.

Some say that green color is connected with the feeling of safety and stability. Others feel the color of nature exudes a calming, earthy effect. Among the fancy color diamonds, green is certainly the one most prevalent in nature.

Green diamonds look great on their own as well as when set with other colors like pink and yellow.

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