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In this section of the site, I publish some interesting private exchanges I have had with readers of the site who have contacted me via the “Ask a Question” form. I believe you will find that the questions and answers are both interesting and educational. Of course, names have been removed to preserve privacy.

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Q&A: Choosing a Round Cut Diamond for a White Gold Pave Halo Engagement Ring with a $3,000 Budget

Thanks for all the great information. I’m looking for a round brilliant cut diamond with a budget of $3000 for the loose diamond. I’m looking at the following white gold halo ring settings: www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/halo/14k-white-gold-pave-halo-  and-shank-diamond-engagement-ring-round-center-item-17445?a_aid=dmnd1357 www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/halo/14k-white-gold-pave-halo-engagement-ring-item-18301?a_aid=dmnd1357 Thanks in advance for your help!  Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate it. Now, let’s see how …

Q&A: Choosing a .6-.7 Ct. Princess Cut Diamond for a Rose Gold Halo Setting with a $2,500 Budget

I’ve heard good things about your website and I’m hoping for some help shopping for an engagement ring. I’m looking at a rose gold halo setting with a princess cut diamond like the ones shown here: www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/halo/14k-rose-gold-pave-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-item-41433?a_aid=dmnd1357 www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/princess-cut/0.72-carat-i-color-vs2-clarity-sku-1950792?a_aid=dmnd1357 My budget is up to $2500, lower would be even better. I used your general advice for …

Q&A: Help Choosing a Round Diamond for a Rose Gold Bezel Setting with a $5,000 Total Budget

Hi there, I’m looking for a diamond for a rose gold bezel set engagement ring similar to this one. www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/tension/14k-rose-gold-bezel-set-diamond-engagement-ring-item-53436?a_aid=dmnd1357 I’ve read your articles and I think I should be looking for an Excellent or Ideal cut, with the lowest clarity rating that still looks clean to the naked eye. With the bezel set engagement ring, …

Q&A: Looking to Buy an Eye-Clean 1/2 Ct. Round Diamond for a White Gold Solitaire Setting

Hi, I am looking to buy a diamond ring to propose to my girlfriend. I learnt a lot from you website. Thank you for it. After going through your reviews, I’ve decided to buy from James Allen. I had a question regarding diamond clarity. Are these diamonds naked eye clean? www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/0.50-carat-g-color-i1-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-786782?a_aid=dmnd1357 www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/0.46-carat-h-color-si2-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-1140491?a_aid=dmnd1357 Or should i go …

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