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In this section of the site, I publish some interesting private exchanges I have had with readers of the site who have contacted me via the “Ask a Question” form. I believe you will find that the questions and answers are both interesting and educational. Of course, names have been removed to preserve privacy.

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Q&A: Round or Princess Cut for $10-15K Budget

I’ve read a lot of your Q&A responses and blogs and I have really liked your advice and the diamond recommendations that you have made over the years. Thanks for taking the time to read my email. Your help is much appreciated. Here’s my story: My budget is roughly $10-15K with the high end being …

Q&A: Pink Diamond Investment

I have a budget of $25,000 to spend on a pink diamond, I personally prefer radiant/modified square cut with 4P or 4PP and above color. Can you advise if with that budget it is possible?and I am in Australia Many thanks

Q&A: Looking for Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

I’m looking for an engagement ring somewhere in the range of 2 carats (normal diamond) but willing to forgo natural for a fancy vivid yellow diamond, can you help me find something in these criteria. Is possible to get a vivid yellow for the same price as a normal diamond.? Also my budget is 20-25k.

Q&A: Looking for Round Cut for Pt Pave Setting

First I wanted to thank you for putting together such a comprehensive and informative website. It has been so incredible to be able to learn all this information from the comfort of home! I am sure I speak for many silent readers when I say a heartfelt thank you! I am looking to choose a …

Q&A: Trying to Buy Designer-style Diamond in NYC

First, thank you for this web site which is hugely informative. I am looking to buy an engagement ring. I’ve been to Tiffany’s whose “quality” and service I respect but whose prices I don’t like. I do like the Lucida and classic Tiffany settings. Why buy Tiffany vs. another vendor is an age-old question. But …

Q&A: Looking for 1 Ct. Round Cut for $3-4K Budget

I’m looking for a ~1ct (+/-.1) round diamond for a solitaire setting in 14k white gold. I certainly appreciate all the information on your site and it has been most helpful in my selection process. For the stone my budget is ~$3k-4k and I want it to be eye clean, and as sparkly and colorless …

Q&A: Looking for 2nd Opinion on 1 Ct. Round Cut

I am looking for a recommendation for a diamond for the following ring: http://www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/solitaire/platinum-tapered-six-prong-filigree-basket-solitaire-engagement-ring-item-551#a_aid=dmnd1357 For the diamond, I would like it to be around 1 carat with a round cut. Total ring/diamond budget is $6,000 – $7,000. I have found two diamonds that look good to me. http://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/1.01-carat-i-color-vs1-clarity-excellent-cut-sku-169023#a_aid=dmnd1357 http://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/1.00-carat-i-color-vs2-clarity-sku-185323#a_aid=dmnd1357 Of course, if there are lower …

Q&A: Looking for Half Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond

Greetings! I am a first time diamond buyer and have looked at tons but now that I’m actually ready to buy I’m having a much harder time finding the perfect one. I am looking for a yellow diamond. I would prefer to .45 or larger(most I have looked at are around .5ct). I actually prefer …

Q&A: Looking for 1 Ct. Fancy Yellow Diamond

I have approximately a 4500 budget. Looking for hopefully a 1 carat yellow princess cut set in vintage style white gold. Also curious as to the buzz I hear about frontjewelers.com. Reputable or scam? Thanks so much

Q&A: Looking for Best Cushion Cut Under $5K

This site has been such an incredible resource, hoping you can provide some much needed help. My target budget for the ring is approximately $6000 total and am looking for the best available 1-1.25ct cushion in the $5000 range. Using the search parameters G-H and VS1-VS2, what do you think of these stones: 1.04 G …

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