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Radiant Cut Diamond Buying Guide

Bottom Line Recommendation A Radiant Cut Diamond offers outstanding brilliance and durability. For Color, we recommend an H or better, like this stunning H graded Radiant Cut in a 14K white gold setting. For Clarity, we suggest an SI1 or an SI2. When it comes to Cut quality, we recommend seeking the assistance of an …

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Ethical diamonds: What Conscientious Consumers Need to Know

From coffee to clothing, consumers are increasingly interested in how their products are sourced. Chief among their concerns is that workers are being treated fairly and that goods are being produced with the least environmental impact possible. It seems only natural that this shift in consumer culture would make its way to diamonds, often one …

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EGL Diamond Certification Bottom Line Recommendation You can read the longer breakdown below. In short, EGL vastly (and inconsistently) inflates their quality claims. You may think you are getting a better deal. In reality, you are getting overcharged for an inferior produce. It always kills me when people message us after they already purchased thinking …

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Argyle Diamonds

Every industry has its “Coca Cola” or “Nike,” i.e. a particular product that stands far above the rest for one reason or another. In the world of fancy colors, that title goes to Argyle diamonds. The majority of the world’s pink diamond supply comes from the Argyle mine in Western Australia, and up until the …

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2 Carat Diamond Ring: The Expert Buying Guide

High quality 2 Carat Diamond Rings dazzle, shine and show off their brilliance. Well cut diamonds of this carat are hard to come by, and require extra attention during the search process. When a purchase is this large, selection of a diamond, ring and seller should be considerably detailed. If you’re looking for a 2 …

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Princess Cut Diamonds & Engagement Rings

Buying a Princess Cut Diamond Ring? Bottom Line Recommendation: Setting Styles. Princess cuts are quite versatile and work with anything from a simple solitaire to elaborate vintage styles. My personal favorite for princess cuts is a nice channel set band. Color: I Color or better. H Color or I Color with a Princess Cut will give …

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Diamond Cut Grading: Everything You Need to Know About Quality

Bottom Line Recommendation If you are buying a round diamond, limit your selections to “Excellent” cut diamonds (if graded by GIA) or “Ideal” cut diamonds (if graded by AGS). If you are buying any other shape diamond, it is essential that you see a high quality image of the diamond before deciding to buy as …

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Fancy Red Diamonds

Exclusivity of the Fancy Color Market The fancy color diamond market has always been something of an enigma to the average diamond consumer. The closest the average person gets to this insular world is perhaps canary yellow diamonds which are, by far, the least rare and exclusive in this market. The closest most of us come …

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Where is the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Bottom Line Recommendation Let’s get the obvious out of the way. We think you are far better served shopping online than buying in a store. We explain the fundamental advantages of buying online in this article. Here we will break down the major players and give you a snapshot review. This will get you headed in …

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