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Beyond just the four C’s, browse below our comprehensive diamond research and educational articles. Our diamond experts have collectively spent decades in the diamond industry to provide you with free and unbiased advice.

Fancy Yellow Diamonds – Canary Yellow Diamonds

Bottom Line: It is absolutely essential that you only buy a yellow diamond from a vendor with high quality photos. Color can vary greatly even within a specific GIA color grade. In our experience, Leibish & Co. has the best prices and overall customer experience in the Fancy Color Diamond market.  Furthermore, nobody can top …

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GSI – Gemological Science International

Bottom Line Recommendation: We do not recommend buying a diamond that has a GSI certificate. We have found that their grading is not only looser than the gold standards (GIA and AGSL labs), but weaker than than the next level down (IGI and HRD) as well. Unfortunately, they don’t have the consistency to say “adjust …

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Blue Diamonds

Every color in the world evokes different emotions, and blue is no different. The color blue has historically symbolized royalty and prestige. It comes as no surprise, then, that some of the biggest diamond auctions throughout history included natural fancy blue diamonds. Rarity of Blue Diamonds Blue diamonds are among the rarest diamond colors after …

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Diamond Symmetry

Bottom Line Recommendation: Symmetry: “Good” or better is fine. What is Diamond Symmetry? Diamond Symmetry refers to how well aligned the facets of a diamond are.  i.e., do the edges of the facets on the top and bottom of the diamond line up along the girdle?  Are the facets aligned symmetrically around the diamond? Is …

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Why You Will Lose Money Selling Your Diamond

Bottom Line Recommendation: There is virtually no chance you will turn a profit or even break-even selling a diamond you’ve bought in the last decade. If, however, you need to sell your diamond, then we might have the best possible solution for you. After a year of data, we have found that Abe Mor consistently …

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What you need to know before buying a diamond

Buying a diamond can be an extremely daunting task for the uninitiated. Along with educating yourself about all the different factors affecting diamond prices, equally important is learning how diamond sellers attempt to increase their profit margins by cheating the consumer. We will help you accomplish both. What Carat Weight Range Should I Choose? This is probably …

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Oval Cut Diamond Guide

Bottom Line Recommendation An Oval Cut Diamond provides excellent brilliance, durability and personal style. We recommend an H Color or better and an SI1 or SI2 for Clarity for this diamond shape. Unlike a round diamond, a certificate for an Oval Cut is unable to provide any indication of how the diamond will lookk. Therefore, …

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HRD’s Unpopularity HRD really never caught on as a legitimate alternative in the US, despite lots of attempts at pushing it by diamond merchants (Leo Schachter was one of the big pushers). The reason is simple: In our opinion, HRD billed itself as the European version of the GIA.  We feel they claim to be …

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Black Diamonds

About Black Diamonds Among all gemstones, diamonds are recognized for their high score of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. The structure of a diamond is broken down to solid crystal with identifiable natural lines. However, black diamonds are somewhat different as they consists of many small crystals all stuck together in random …

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