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Michael Fried

Chief Diamond Pro & CEO

Michael is the manager of day to day operations of The Diamond Pro.   He and Ira met while they were both traveling salesmen at Leo Schachter diamonds (Ira based in Israel and Michael based in New York at the time).

At Leo Schacher, Michael’s specialty was larger certified fancy-shape diamonds (i.e.,  non-round) Following Michael’s employment at Leo Schacter, he moved on to another world-renowned diamond manufacturer, Moshe Namdar, Inc.  Full bio is available here.

Annie Z

Resident Diamond Pro

Annie has been a part of our team since 2013. Michael took her under his wing and trained her intensively side-by-side for a full year.

Annie has already helped over a thousand readers of our site who love her clear and frank advice. Read full bio here.

Dena Udren

Dena is the head news reporter at The Diamond Pro. She has worked as a reporter, web content writer, editor, and proofreader since 2005.

Dena has written content for retail and educational websites, as well as written feature articles in local publications. She got her start in writing and editing as an English major at the University of Michigan and a high school teacher in Philadelphia. Read full bio here.

Marvin Velazquez

Marvin was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA though his parents came from Mexico. He’s always had a love for electronics, technology, and science so it’s no surprise that in 1998 he entered the Massachusetts Institute Technology to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Upon graduating in 2002 with his Bachelors he went to Penn State University to pursue a Masters in Acoustics. After finishing up his school work, he came back to Southern California in 2004. Read full bio here.

Michele Velazquez

Michele is the founder and co-owner of The Heart Bandits, a Marriage Proposal and Romantic Date Planning Company.

She has planned many marriage proposals and romantic dates all over the world and has been featured in the New York TimesDaily Mail, and Brides Magazine to name a few. The Heart Bandits are the go-to source for all things romance and Michele is regarded as the expert in her industry. Read full bio here.

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