Orange Diamonds

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About Orange Diamonds

A pure orange diamond is considered today among the rarer stones that exist. It is difficult to rank exactly, but they are said to be the fourth or fifth rarest color, just after red, violet, pink, blue and just before green.

Similar to all other natural fancy color diamonds, those found in the purest form with a single color are considered the most valuable. Only, GIA rarely grades an orange stone with a pure color, so in the case of orange diamonds, it’s extremely rare. This is an incredibly rare fancy vivid orange diamond for example.

The majority of these diamonds are found with some form of a color combination. Not every natural color will have the same combinations. For example, orange diamonds are only found with secondary hues of Brown, Brownish, Yellow, Yellowish, Brownish Yellow, and Pinkish. There might be other combinations, but it will always be with these colors (brown, yellow, pink).

Cause of Orange Color

The presence of nitrogen within the diamond is the main cause for the orange color, just as it is for yellow stones. The difference between these stones is how the nitrogen atoms are grouped while the diamond is formed. The arrangement, which is called hyper-specific, absorbs hints of blue and yellow light, thus creating an orange color.

From left to right, a vivid purplsih pink, vivid green, vivid blue, vivid yellow, vivid purple, and vivid yellowish orange

Orange Diamond Mines

Orange diamonds are sourced from a number of diamond mines around the globe including various locations in Africa, particularly South Africa and the Congo.

Famous Orange Diamonds

The most famous orange diamond of all time is the Pumpkin Diamond. This stone is both incredibly unique in terms of its size and its color. At 5.54 carats, the Pumpkin Orange is a cushion-shaped fancy vivid orange diamond that was originally an 11.00-carat brownish orange colored rough diamond. It was mined in South Africa in 1997 in an unknown mine.

Another famous orange diamond is a 14.82-carat vivid orange pear-shaped diamond that managed to sell for over $35 million, or $2.4 million a carat, at a Christie’s auction in 2013.

Pumpkin Diamonds

Similar to yellow and brown diamonds, which both have nicknames (canary for yellow and chocolate, cognac, and champagne for brown) orange diamonds are sometimes referred to as pumpkins diamonds.

The name is due to their color’s likeness to the large squash and because of the name of the famous orange diamond discussed above. Unofficially, pure fancy vivid orange is the only shade considered to be a pumpkin diamond color. This 0.93ct vivid yellow orange diamond is a fine example of nice pumpkin hue.

Orange Intensity Levels

The color intensity levels for orange diamonds are faint orange, very light orange, light orange, fancy, fancy intense orange, fancy vivid orange, and fancy deep orange. The two latter color intensity levels are the most desired of all.

Orange Diamond Shapes

Orange diamonds are cut into a variety of cuts and shapes. These include asscher, cushion, emerald, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess, radiant, and round.

Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange Triple Floral Halo Ring

The orange color is very unique for diamonds and for jewelry in general. More and more individuals are seeking to incorporate unusual elements into their jewelry and orange diamonds, often sought after by collectors, definitely help do the job.

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