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“There is no way for anyone to put a value on the whole ring,” Michael Fried, the CEO of Diamond Pro, a company that helps find quality and affordable diamonds, said in an email. “Having diamonds from the royal collection that Princess Diana wore makes the ring priceless.”

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NY Times

But Ira Weissman, the founder of the consumer education website Truth About Diamonds, says that couples today are more reluctant to spend that kind of money on an engagement ring.

“This generation, more than any in the past, knows what De Beers is all about, so to have them tell you that you need to spend two months’ salary to buy one is crazy,” he said.

Mr. Weissman, a former diamond salesman, answers thousands of reader emails and has seen a 50 percent increase in questions related to hand-me-down gems.

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And to Mike Fried, the CEO of Diamond Pro, a company that helps people find the best diamonds for their money, the ring could be worth more than double that. Freed estimated it has a 5-carat diamond and is worth $150,000 — or “exponentially” more, depending on what brand and what level of quality Jonas chose for the ring.

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UK Channel 4: The Shopper’s Guide to Saving Money

The third episode of the British television show “The Shopper’s Guide to Saving Money” aired on November 23rd, 2015 on UK Channel 4. This episode had two segments. The first about diamonds and the second about funerals. Ira Weissman, founder of The Diamond Pro was asked to take part and act as a guide to the show’s host Dave Fishwick in the Israel Diamond Exchange. Watch Ira’s Segments Here.

For UK readers, the original show in its entirety can be seen here:

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CNBC’s How I Made My Millions

This is a compilation of the various clips in which Ira Weissman, creator of The Diamodn Pro, appears on CNBC’s How I Made My Millions, Episode #17, featuring Mark Vadon, founder of Weissman was interviewed as an expert in the diamond industry with a focus on online diamond sales.

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The Next Web

To make sense of the evidence we had gathered, we sought out another diamond expert, Michael Fried. Fried is an industry veteran, and current researcher that performs his own independent investigations of companies like Brilliant Earth.

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The Daily Mirror

Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro which helps customers find the right diamond ring, said Pippa’s ring looked like an Asscher cut centre stone set in a halo design in platinum.

He said: “It’s obviously larger and more stunning than your typical engagement ring but this style has been popularised by Tiffany.

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The Art of Charm Podcast

Mike Fried has been in the diamond industry for nearly 15 years. He and his business partner run a web site that helps people buy diamonds without being ripped off. Today on the 402nd episode of The Art of Charm we talk about which of the 4 Cs are most important, whether or not you should really spend 3 months’ salary on a ring and what certification companies you can trust, and which you can’t.

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