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The Diamond Pro launches the first artificial intelligence diamond buying tool to let consumers ‘see’ true diamond quality online before making a purchase. Read the official announcement, or, access the media kit.

US Weekly

Another early standout for 2021 is Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale. On January 17, the Swedish-Australian beauty announced her engagement to actor Joel Kinnaman. In a series of pictures, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit star showcased her engagement ring. CEO of The Diamond Pro, Mike Fried, tells Us that the simple 3-carat diamond is either a round or oval cut. Set an understated baguette, he estimates that the cost is around $100,000. Talk about a forever diamond!

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Page Six

“With a stunning helicopter pad of an emerald-cut center diamond and the classic pairing with trapezoid side stones, Demi’s ring looks to make it to the hall of fame of celebrity engagement rings,” Ira Weissman, founder of The Diamond Pro, told Page Six Style.

“The approximately 5-carat diamond is clearly of the highest quality and could easily fetch over $250,000.”

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NY Times

But Ira Weissman, the founder of the consumer education website Truth About Diamonds, says that couples today are more reluctant to spend that kind of money on an engagement ring.

“This generation, more than any in the past, knows what De Beers is all about, so to have them tell you that you need to spend two months’ salary to buy one is crazy,” he said.

Mr. Weissman, a former diamond salesman, answers thousands of reader emails and has seen a 50 percent increase in questions related to hand-me-down gems.

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“There is no way for anyone to put a value on the whole ring,” Michael Fried, the CEO of Diamond Pro, a company that helps find quality and affordable diamonds, said in an email. “Having diamonds from the royal collection that Princess Diana wore makes the ring priceless.”

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Us Weekly

According to The Diamond Pro Opens a New Window. CEO Mike Fried, the eternity band is likely 1.5 to 2 carats based on thickness. “The one aspect that is noticeable is its delicate nature,” he told Stylish. “It appears to blend in perfectly with the engagement ring setting.”

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E News

Ira Weissman, founder of The Diamond Pro, explained, “This approximately 20 carat emerald cut diamond is exquisitely cut and of superb quality. When you have an extremely rare and timelessly breathtaking stone such as this one, the goal of the ring should be to show off the rock naturally with as little embellishment as possible – the perfect compliment to the ageless enduring beauty of J.Lo. The ring is worth approximately $5 million dollars.”

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According to Ira Weissman, founder of The Diamond Pro, this shot of the ring itself is pretty sus. “Nothing is a sure thing without seeing the ring(s) up close, but everything about this little clip says ‘fake.’”

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Good Housekeeping

According to Ira Weissman, founder of the consumer education website The Diamond Pro who worked in the diamond business for six years, Hoda’s ring appears to be a five-carat Asscher cut diamond set in a blue sapphire halo.

“This combination of the icy white of diamonds with the cool blue of sapphires is reminiscent of Princess Diana’s ring that was passed on to Kate Middleton, which also showcased this classic combination,” Ira tells “A ring of this impeccable quality could easily retail for over $250,000.”

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