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Where to Buy Matching Wedding Bands

By Michael Fried
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Your wedding bands are a symbol of your love and togetherness — from now until forever. They can be worn next to an engagement ring or stand by themselves. Some couples like separate ring styles. Others enjoy matching and coordinating their wedding bands for extra cohesion and style.

Couples rings from Blue Nile
Two-Tone Set in 14K White and Rose Gold for Couples (Blue Nile)

Matching wedding bands work well for couples who have similar tastes in style or color, or who love the idea of a unifying touch to their rings. When worn on separate hands but side by side, matching wedding bands look like a harmonious pair and can even be a fashion statement. You can match everything from metal color to setting styles to gemstones. 

Enjoy the process of designing your matching pair and sharing with loved ones the story of how you created your set. Our guide covers how to match wedding bands and the best places to buy them. 

Are his and hers wedding bands supposed to match?

His and her wedding bands or bands for any couple don’t need to match, but matching wedding bands can offer extra style, cohesion, and significance. With matching wedding bands, your rings look like a set, such as this yellow gold knife edge ring with this yellow gold domed comfort ring. In the end, it’s up to you and your spouse-to-be if you like coordinating features on your rings.

Yellow gold mens Comfort Fit Wedding Ring
5mm Men’s Comfort Fit Wedding Ring (James Allen)
Yellow gold Knife Edge Women's Wedding Ring
2.5mm Knife Edge Women’s Wedding Ring (James Allen)

How to match wedding bands

You can match wedding bands in a variety of ways, depending on your style and what you like. You can match based on the color of the metal, the patterns or engravings, the gemstones, or even the metal shank design. Your rings can be as simple or as intricate as you want. 

Check out all the ways you can create a matching set. 

Pair your metal colors

matching metal of wedding bands

By choosing the same precious metal, your wedding bands will have an immediate sense of harmony and cohesion. You can find wedding bands in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, tungsten carbide, and more — or a combination of metals. Your bands can still differ in style, finish, and design if you want, but will have the unifying element of metal color.  

Here are some examples of wedding bands matching in metal color:

Classic Rose Gold Wedding Ring (2mm) with Classic Rose Gold Wedding Ring (4mm) 

Yellow Gold Sleek Accent Diamond Ring with Yellow Gold 6mm Beveled Comfort Fit Wedding Band

White Gold Hand-Engraved Wedding Ring with Milgrain Detailing with White Gold Milgrain Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

Pair your finishes and patterns

Milgrain matching wedding bands

With many finishes and patterns available, you can match your wedding bands to have the same detailing. You could choose a hammered look, a polished finish, or even a pattern that includes floral elements. 

Want to add even more character to your set? Match the same pattern or finish with rings of different metal colors, such as hammered rings in both white gold and yellow gold.

Modern Hammered Wedding Ring with Hammered Inlay Wedding Band 

White Gold (3mm) Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Ring with White Gold (6mm) Etched Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Ring

Yellow Gold Matte Classic Wedding Ring (3mm) with Yellow Gold Matte Low Dome Comfort Fit Wedding Ring (4mm) 

Pair your diamonds or gemstones

Diamond matching weding bands

The same gemstones can help bring a harmonious look to your wedding bands. Whether it’s one stone or several stones, you can choose from diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or other colored gemstones. You can even choose a combination of gemstones that you both love, such as sapphires mixed with diamonds. 

Here are some gorgeous sets that show what you can do with coordinating gemstones.

White Gold U Pavé Wedding Ring with White Gold Satin Finish Channel Set Diamond Ring

White Gold Blue Sapphire And Diamond Ring with White Gold Comfort-Fit Channel Set Sapphire Ring 

Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond And Marquise Sapphire Wedding Ring with White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Baguette Milgrain Ring 

Pair design features

Design matching wedding bands

Match up your design elements to form a wedding band set, such as including two twisted rings like this or two channel set rings like this. There are several setting types and design elements that you can find to fit your unique tastes. 

Here are some examples of wedding bands with matching features or detailing.

Fancy Yellow Mix and Collection Diamonds Band Ring with Fancy Yellow Mix Shape Band Ring

East West Single Baguette Diamond Ring with Brushed Finish Baguette Diamond Ring 

Yellow Gold Cable Accent Ring with Yellow Gold Cable Insert Satin Finish Comfort Fit Band

Matching Engraving

Choose the same words or numbers to engrave on the inside or outside of your rings, such as your wedding date, names, or a favorite song lyric. Engravings can be done on almost any ring and is a custom order you can place when buying your wedding bands. 

Where to buy matching wedding bands

While wedding bands may seem identical across all vendors, there are significant differences in quality and price. 

Through our decades of comparing jewelers and consulting on diamonds, we’ve found the best vendors to buy matching wedding bands. These online vendors will be a fraction of the price of bricks and mortar stores, without sacrificing quality. Their selections are extensive and include options for every couple and style.  

If you’re shopping for matching wedding bands or engagement rings, we can’t recommend these vendors enough. They are trustworthy and focused on giving customers an excellent experience. You’ll get a beautiful product at a great price. 

James Allen

From classic styles to modern flair, James Allen offers a massive inventory of wedding bands. James Allen is known for their high-quality jewelry and diamonds, but also their excellent customer service and attention to detail. Due to low overhead costs, James Allen offers competitive pricing, free shipping, and hassle-free returns. 

James Allen’s Best Matching Wedding Bands

The best matching wedding bands from James Allen can be found on their blog post about couple ring sets. You can also design your own pair by choosing styles from their women’s ring and men’s ring collections. 

Blue Nile

Blue Nile carries one of the largest inventory of wedding bands and engagement rings. They maintain phenomenal relationships with diamond suppliers and jewelry manufacturers — giving you access to some of the most beautiful and best priced rings on the market. They also offer free shipping and hassle-free returns. 

Blue Nile’s Best Matching Wedding Bands

Blue Nile’s hand-selected collection of couple rings are beautifully crafted, from simple designs to intricate styles. Their inventory of matching bands is easy to navigate, and you won’t have to spend time matching styles or colors — they do it for you. 

You can also create your own matching wedding bands with Blue Nile by selecting from their men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding bands

Brian Gavin

Known for their signature designs and some of the best cut diamonds in the world, Brian Gavin offers unique, stunning matching wedding band options. Many of our readers have worked with Brian Gavin over the years and have been very pleased with their experiences and results. 

Brian Gavin’s Best Matching Wedding Bands

To find and create the best matching wedding bands from Brian Gavin, search their wide selection of wedding bands. Choose rings that complement each other in style, color, or gemstone.

Leibish & Co

The best place to buy wedding bands with colored gemstones or fancy color diamonds is Leibish. They have a collection of beautiful stones you won’t find anywhere else. Their wedding bands are crafted with the utmost care —and your rings will last a lifetime and beyond. 

Leibish’s Best Matching Wedding Bands

In Leibish’s collection, you can find complementary bands, like rings with the same gemstone or precious metal. Check out their wedding band collection here to design your set.

Clean Origin

Clean Origin is one of our top vendor recommendation for lab-created diamond rings. They are committed to ethical and environmental rings that still have plenty of style and creativity. They offer different settings and styles, so you can choose wedding bands that match your unique desires. 

Clean Origin’s Best Matching Wedding Bands

Clean Origin offers a selection of both men’s wedding rings and women’s wedding rings. Look through their collection to create your own matching set. 

If you have questions or concerns as you’re shopping for the perfect match, reach out to us for personalized ring advice.

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