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Shape: Pear Shape

Q&A: Choosing a Pear Shaped Diamond for a Halo Setting

Hello, I’m starting to shop for an engagement ring. I’ve read a lot of posts on your site as well as others, but I’m having second thoughts about buying a diamond from James Allen. I’m looking to buy a pear shaped diamond around 1 carat in size in the $3-$5k range, and could use some …

Q&A: Upgrading a Pear Shaped Diamond from James Allen

I purchased a loose diamond from James Allen 1 1/2 yr ago – Pear shaped 0.57 carat E color VS2 clarity GIA for $1500. I want to purchase a larger loose pear stone – at least 1.0 carat. I will be using the lifetime upgrade; so I must purchase at least 2x original price. I …

Q&A: Buying a Fancy Color Diamond from a Friend. A Good Idea?

Q&A: Buying a Fancy Color Diamond from a Friend. A Good Idea?

Dear Sirs, I have been approached by a friend who has recently started working in the diamond industry at a company in Israel called Tradition Diamond. I would like to know if you can help me in assessing the value of potential products offered to me and if so, what would be your charges. If …

Q&A: Choosing a 1.5 Ct. Pear Shape Diamond With a $8,000 Budget

Q&A: Choosing a 1.5 Ct. Pear Shape Diamond With a $8,000 Budget

Hi there, I am in the market for an engagement ring. I am looking to buy in the next month or two and have a budget of around $8k. I am interested in a pear shaped diamond that weighs no less than 1.5 carats. Here is an example of a stone she really likes: Would love to …

Q&A: Picking a Pear Shape Diamond for a Rose Gold Pendant with Around $2,000 Budget

Hi, First of all I’m so glad I ran into your page – it is awesome! Second, you’ll have to excuse my english. I live in Sweden. I’m looking for a pear shaped diamond to fit a pave bail pentant setting in rose gold (they told us they could make it in rose gold). I’m …

Q&A: Looking for a Pear-Shaped Diamond Around 1 Ct. with $5k Total Budget

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for the detailed reviews you have regarding online diamond retailers. I also appreciate all the knowledge you provide for different types of diamonds. I have been looking for a Pear shaped diamond for several months on both BN and JA and I was convinced that I would purchase the …

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