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Q&A: Looking for a Three-Stone Platinum Ring with a Round Diamond and Two Pears on the Sides

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So I’ve been doing a lot of research on diamonds for the past 3 months, yet I just learned a bunch from your site! So I figured I would ask you the question that I have heard different opinions on and get your answer.

So the ring I would like to design is a center stone with two pear diamonds on the side and set in platinum.

Now I’ve heard several things regarding the pears. Some say to go up in color from what the center stone is because they don’t give out as much light. Others say stay at same color. While others have said go lowers to make the center stone stand out. What is your opinion on this?

Also, is there a ratio of size from center stone to side stones that looks the best? I’ve hear to get the width of side stones between 1/2 – 1/3 of the width of the center stone, does that sound right?

Finally I will be purchasing online, so when it comes time to pull the trigger would you mind helping. No rush yet, still wanna wait till after the holidays.

Thanks in advance!

The quality of side stones depends on the size. You can use preset settings where the side diamonds already are and they are not certified, i.e. smaller and lesser quality. However, even those look great.

The ratio is about right. If you want all three diamonds to be certified, I’d choose the same color. One more question, what shape should be the center? A pear as well or something else?

I’d be more than happy to help you once you decide to purchase.

Thanks for the reply. The center would be round and I’m looking at 1 – 1.5 carat. But focusing on cut that really sparkles vs size. So looking at .25-.5 for each side pear.

So if I went with a H center you think going with H pears as well?

I’m not interested in a preset ring, just certified loose for all 3. I was using James Allen’s find matching sets for the sides but you probably know best.

Thanks in advance.

OK. No problem at all.

You said you want to wait with the purchase. Will we continue with this in a month or do you want to see some options now? If so, can you give me your ballpark figure of what you’re planning on spending?

After the holidays is better. I’m not ready to purchase just yet. I’ll touch base with you in a month or so. Thanks again.

Sounds good.

Looking forward to taking to you again.

Ok I’m ready to start the search and purchase the diamonds.

Here is what I’m looking for:
Stones will be set in platinum, center stone will be round (4 prong setting) and side stones will be pear.

Center stone: 1-1.5 carat round. Cut is far more important to me than size. I really want it to sparkle. I’m ok with J color but that’s my minimum. Clarity, I don’t want to pay for a flawless stone but also don’t want it to effect the sparkle too much. Ideally flaws would be clear and could be hidden by the prongs.

Side stones: pear shape carat ~0.3 each. Color needs to be similar to center so it doesn’t look different.

Let me know if anything else is needed.

Thanks again!

Welcome back. I’d be happy to help you. Can you give me your ballpark budget for the ring?

Haha ya that probably would help. I would like to be under 7k for the stones but 6k would be much better. I’ll be making the ring itself so just the loose stones are needed. My thinking was that we can find the center for 5k and then that leaves 1k for the side pears, sounds about right?

Also I should mention that we both have advanced science degrees and are ok with the stones being lab made, as long as they are diamonds (i.e.: pure carbon) not CZ or glass. Just in case you need to broaden the search.

Thanks again.

Lab-created diamonds are terrible value. Our goal is to help people get the best bang for their buck. Lab diamonds certainly aren’t that.

1) Lab-created diamonds don’t have legit (GIA or AGS certificates). At best they have IGI which inflates the color/clarity grade. So you actually aren’t saving much (if anything).

2) Diamonds are not a good investment, but you shouldn’t ignore that entirely. Lab-created diamonds have zero resale. Let’s say you buy a natural diamond for 10k. If you need to sell it the next day, you’d lose 5k. But if you buy a lab created diamond, the next day you’d be lucky to sell it for 1k. As time goes on a natural diamond will appreciate in value and maybe you’ll get your entire value back (or make more).

So considering that you are saving a couple of percent at best, you lose all your money. That is why its a terrible value.

Look at these diamonds I found on Blue Nile:
Blue Nile LD07045943
Blue Nile LD07888408
Blue Nile LD05559987

Let me know what you think.

Those diamonds look great but do you think the H color is needed?


What about these for the center?


Ok now that I’m home, I see why H color is key. You can’t find pears in J – haha. I like the two pears you send over. What do you think of this for a center?

About same size and the clarity is less but I don’t think you’ll see the spots at non zoom. The one black spot I can cover with the prong.

Let me know, I’d like to buy all three tomorrow. And I prefer the 360 view at least for the center stone.


I chose H color because I don’t want for the diamonds to look yellow. Because they are all certified, you have to stick with one color. An I color is a stretch but if you find a pair of I color pears, then it could be fine. Here it is:

I’m not a big fan of the bow tie on the second one, but hopefully, it won’t be that visible on such a small diamond.

As for the two center stones you sent over, the I1 is not eye-clean. The second one is much better.

Thanks! I just placed the order. All three were through James Allen and I used this email address.

Have a great day!

Thanks for the news! Let me know how they look.

Diamonds came in today! They look great thanks again! I’ll defiantly spread the word about you guys!

I’m happy to hear that! It was my pleasure helping you.

Can you send us a pic of your new diamond? We’d love to inspire other readers with photos in our gallery.

I wish you and your partner a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Just finished making the ring and got the stones set! 🙂 Looks great!

I checked the photo you sent me and I have to say that the ring looks fantastic! It’s very elegant.

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