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Carat: 0.70

Q&A: Seeking Round Cut Diamond for $3000 Budget

Hi, I’ve learned quite a bit from your site and I thank you for that! I hope that you can help with my search. I have already purchased the ring. The band itself is white gold but the setting for the diamond is rose gold. I imagine that gives me a bit more play with …

Q&A: Looking for Princess Diamond for $3000 Budget

I just wanted to write a quick thank you message for putting up this website. I’m in the market for an engagement ring and while there are other sites out there that provide education, this is by far the most helpful site I’ve come across. The amount of knowledge and the way you explain everything …

Q&A: Seeking Diamond Solitaire Pendant for Necklace

I love your informative site! It has helped already. I’m hoping my request is easier than most. I’m looking for a .5-.75 ct diamond solitaire pendant necklace. Preferably: -best diamond for the budget -round stone, though I’m flexible depending on your suggestion about what cut shines best on a necklace -color I or J at …

Q&A: Princess Cut, Fluorescence & Sapphires

I am currently in the planning stage of ring shopping, and you website has been incredibly helpful. After reading through your site, and doing lots of recon, I’ve been looking at diamonds and settings trying to make a plan and a budget. I do have a few questions: After browsing through settings on James Allen, …

Worth it to Fly UK to Dubai to buy a Diamond?

UPDATE: I just made a quick trip to secret shop the Dubai diamond market. Unfortunately, I found more of the same shenanigans you see in most diamond districts. I did find one great contact though. One company does a great job of sourcing legitimately certified diamonds directly from diamond manufacturers at excellent prices. Please contact …

Looking for Diamond Parcels in the Far East

The following exchange took place in April 2009. I was wondering if i wanted to buy uncertified diamonds in parcels, how and who can i contact? If you are untrained in buying diamonds, you can really get fleeced.  Why don’t you tell me where you are located, and I’ll see if I have any trustworthy …

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