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If you’re out there looking for the best diamond for your money, then please contact us and let us know your budget and what you’re looking for. We’ll sift through thousands of diamonds online and send you suggested stones to choose from that fit your needs the best.

One enjoyable result of the site’s growing traffic is the increase in personal inquiries we receive from readers through the Contact form. We’ve been keeping track of the questions our readers ask and have put this article together to answer the most common one to quiet that nagging voice in the back of your head and let you move on to the task at hand: finding that perfect rock!

The #1 Question

The most common question we get goes something like this: “Not to be rude, but why are you offering this super-helpful, friendly advice to strangers for free? Where’s the catch? What’s in it for you?”

That’s a totally valid question. The simple answer to the question is that we aren’t doing it for free. The service is completely free to you (the reader), but don’t worry – we do get compensated for our time. Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Diamond Pro’s Affiliate Marketing

As a publisher on the internet, there are several different ways you can generate revenue. You can charge advertisers for advertising space either on a pay-per-click basis, or on a flat-fee basis. Or, like us, you can set up what’s called an affiliate arrangement, where the advertiser pays the publisher a commission for actual sales generated by traffic originating from the publisher’s site.

Affiliate marketing is everywhere nowadays. has the most popular program, called Associates. Ever used a coupon site like I’m personally a major fan of, as I’m a sucker for a great deal on gadgets. Well these sites and many, many more all make money through affiliate commissions.

In our case, we check with the diamond companies we’ve made these arrangements with to verify which of our readers bought the diamonds we recommended and our commission is based on that list of purchases. So while we would never sell your info for marketing/spam, we do send our affiliates the names and email addresses of the readers we’ve helped personally. This way they can verify that we helped you out and we receive compensation for our time and effort.

The Diamond Pro Difference

Diamond advice sites typically don’t offer much more than banner advertising. If you’re on their site, and you click on a banner ad for, for instance, Blue Nile or James Allen, a cookie gets placed on your computer that can then be tracked by the relevant site. Then if you purchase something from their site within 30 days, the owner of the site earns a commission. That’s it.

We believe we are different. Yes, we also have plenty of passive content on our website like our Diamond 101/102 sections (based on our expertise in the diamond trade), our thoroughly researched reviews and our voluminous Diamond Q&A section. But we don’t stop there. We are one of the very few that offers a truly value-added service to the reader: level-headed, honest and personalized advice.

Another thing that sets us apart from the rest is our approach. You could say that while other diamond affiliates are entirely passive in their approach, our service is a much more active one. When you contact us, we get to work right away, scouring the internet to find you the best diamond for your buck. You can see from our feedback on ivouch that the people we help are always very grateful for the time and effort we dedicate to helping them find just what they’re looking for.

Benefiting From Objective Advice

Another question we often receive is “Are you affiliated somehow with James Allen?” Again, a very fair question deserving an honest and open response.

The truth is that we actually affiliate with 6-8 sites on a regular basis. If you check out our “Diamond Q&As”, you’ll notice that we recommend diamonds from Zoara, Leibish, Ritani, Since1910, Brian Gavin Diamonds and, yes, even Blue Nile, depending on the customer. Having this agreement with the industry’s leaders provides you with the peace of mind that our advice is fair and objective. In other words, as long as a company is legit, we have no issue commenting on and recommending their diamonds to you.

So the straight answer is yes, we are affiliated with James Allen, but no more than we are affiliated with any other diamond vendor. We recommend James Allen most of the time because, simply put, they are the best.

Offering Professional Opinions

We have always been committed to providing our readers with our professional opinion on anything and everything related to diamonds, no strings attached. Our genuine interest in making this complicated process easier on you is why we do what we do.

It’s a pleasure for us to play a part in helping you decide on that perfect diamond…

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