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  1. Mark N     Reply

    Thanks so much for your help in selecting the best diamond for my budget. I changed my mind based off of your personalized advice, and was absolutely blown away by the quality when the ring arrived. It was even better than I had hoped for. James Allen had great customer service, and you made the experience much more enjoyable and provided me confidence on spending that much money for a diamond.

  2. Nick     Reply

    I was deployed in the Middle East and needed help finding something because I planned on proposing when I got off the plane in the states. Mike helped me find the perfect ring at a very fair price. The ring was shipped to my base and everything went smoothly. This site is priceless. Thank you Mike!

  3. Eric J.     Reply

    How can I thank you? Let me count the ways! Mike, I appreciate you for what you do. More than that, I appreciate you for being wise enough to hire Katy H. She was absolutely fantabulous to work with! She’s wise and extremely knowledgeable about her craft. More than that, she’s warm and kind and has a genuine desire to help. I think she may have been more excited than I was! She helped me find the perfect diamond for my fiancee’s ring. I’d bought the rings already (from James Allen based on your recommendation), but now it was time to find the right diamond for it. Katy scoured the James Allen site and sent many many options based on the information I gave to her. Her replies were very fast! That’s amazing considering how thorough she was/is. She found a perfect, eye-clean diamond for me. I can’t thank Katy enough for all of her help. Oh, and she saved me a ton of $$$ too compared to what I’d have spent in a brick and mortar store. I can’t wait to work with Katy again! Thank you, Katy. Thank you very much! I appreciate you!

    All the Best,

    Eric J.

  4. Chris Portera     Reply

    PS. After going through this process, it made me realize that I would have been insane to buy a diamond in a jewelry store as opposed to online. If you do your homework, you will get a far better deal for a much bigger diamond when you purchase online.

  5. Chris Portera     Reply

    This website and Mike himself were a HUGE help to me! As someone who knew nothing coming into the process of buying a diamond or engagement ring, Mike and his website were the #1 reason I become very knowledgeable and comfortable by the end of the process. I ended up buying a diamond on Blue Nile that is amazing and after getting it appraised realized I got it for HALF PRICE of what it is worth. My fiancé absolutely loves her ring and I catch her staring at it all the time – that is the perfect reward after her saying YES! Mike took the time to not only respond to my emails but also go out of his way to help me find diamond options that I didn’t find during my search. Mike knows his stuff. Take the time to do your homework and read this site as well as leverage what Mike has to say. You’ll get a much better diamond/ring than if you didn’t! Thanks Mike!

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