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Shape: Radiant Cut

Q&A: Choosing a Princess or Radiant Cut Diamond for a White Gold Setting with Side-Stones for Around $1,900 Budget

I am looking for advice on a diamond for an engagement ring. The setting I would like to use is: The same setting is also available at Blue Nile. My total budget for the ring is 2500-2800, so after the setting that leaves me +/- 1900 for the diamond. My girlfriend likes princess cuts and …

Q&A: Help Finding a 0.7-0.8 Ct. Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond

I’d like to Buy a Radiant Fancy Yellow between .70 and .80 k  Hi, I’d be happy to help. What is your ballpark budget?  I don’t have an especial Budget I just want the straight Fancy Yellow, around .75 k. I’d like the Radiant Cut. It might be Si1. Cut might be Cut cornered square.  …

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