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Shape: Radiant Cut

Q&A: Help Finding The Best Diamond for Around $350 Budget

I am looking for a diamond for $250-350. Can you also tell me what style of setting (solitaire, pave or other), metal (white or yellow gold) and shape of diamond you’re looking for? Then I’ll be happy to send you my suggestion. No specific setting, I want the most valuable piece for my money whether …

Q&A: Choosing a Radiant Cut Diamond for a Pave Setting Within a $3,800 Budget

I was looking at these 2 diamonds. I was leaning towards the 2nd one because the color is a little better but am really concerned I may be able to see the black dots in the center. Do you think this would be visible to the naked eye? Can you also tell me …

Q&A: Advice on Choosing a Fancy Color Diamond from James Allen

Q&A: Advice on Choosing a Fancy Color Diamond from James Allen

I wanted to ask your advice on a fancy color diamond that I am thinking of purchasing. Here is the link: Overall, what are your thoughts? What color does it look like to you? Would it sparkle in normal light, or is it just going to appear really dark? What can you tell me …

Q&A: Choosing a 2 Ct. Radiant Cut Diamond With a $20-25k Budget

Hi! First, let me thank you all for the tremendous service that you are offering. I think it’s incredibly generous that you are providing this services for free. I am currently on the hunt for a radiant cut diamond that will be set in a white gold solitaire setting. I have a budget of about …

Q&A: Help Finding a Fancy Yellow Diamond With Up to $25k Budget

My question is does a fancy yellow diamond that is the exact same cut, clarity and carat cost more or less than a regular white diamond? I’m looking for the best possible deal for a 3-5 carat yellow diamond. I found a few online but it seems like there is a big price difference and …

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