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Clarity: I1

Q&A: Help Finding a 1.5ct Round Brilliant for a Rose Gold Solitaire

Hello! What are your thoughts on lab diamonds, more specifically Diamond Foundry’s selection. I’m just starting to look for engagement rings and she prefers lab, vintage, mined stones in that order. I’ve read that Diamond Foundry’s master cutters are Israel Itzkowitz and Maarten de Witte (Hearts on Fire). Thanks for setting up a forum and …

Q&A: Looking for advice: Princess Cut Diamond from B&M or Online?

Q&A: Looking for advice: Princess Cut Diamond from B&M or Online?

Hi! I’m looking at two different diamonds at the moment, both princess cut with the following details: Diamond 1 – Color E, Clarity I1, 1.4 ct, Polish G, Symmetry G, $5600 USD Diamond 2 – Color I, Clarity VVS1, 1.34 ct, Polish EX, Symmetry EX, $5900 USD These diamonds are at two different stores so …

Q&A: Finding a 1 Ct. Round Diamond for a Platinum Pave Setting For Around $5,000 Budget Is there something I am missing with this diamond? It looks to be much better than most SI 1 I have looked at. Do the color fluorescence etc all point to being a good bargain?  We recommend avoiding IGI lab if possible Their lab is less consistent and they inflate the color/clarity grades …

Q&A: Looking to Buy an Eye-Clean 1/2 Ct. Round Diamond for a White Gold Solitaire Setting

Hi, I am looking to buy a diamond ring to propose to my girlfriend. I learnt a lot from you website. Thank you for it. After going through your reviews, I’ve decided to buy from James Allen. I had a question regarding diamond clarity. Are these diamonds naked eye clean? Or should i go …

Q&A: Looking for a 0.8 – 0.9 Ct. Princess Cut Diamond for Around $2,500 Budget

Hi, I would like some recommendations for choosing an engagement ring. Looking for a princess cut diamond for about the $2500 mark, give or take. Was looking at the James Allen website. I was considering either one of these two diamonds: 1. 2. Not sure if the first diamond (0.90 carat) is “clean” …

Q&A: Choosing a Well-Cut Round or Oval Diamond for a Pave Halo Setting with a $2,000 Total Budget

Hi, my partner and I are ring shopping at the moment, and have stumbled across Our budget is $2000 for the ring and diamond together. I’m tossing up between traditional yellow gold and white gold. These are the settings we like: These are the diamonds I have narrowed it down to: …

Q&A: Choosing a Round Diamond for a White Gold Halo Setting Within a $3k-$4k Budget

Hello, I am looking for a diamond engagement ring on james allen that has the following characteristics: 0.76 – 1 CT center stone weight white gold 14 k band colour j-h-k clarity si2, si1, i something similar to either: Halo setting budget is 3-4 thousand. Thank you.  You should focus on better color …

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