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Carat: 1.80

Q&A: Choosing the Best Emerald Cut Diamond for $10,000 Budget

Hi, I emailed a few days ago asking for some general assistance in selecting an Emerald cut diamond. I have done some more research and viewed some option at BM stores here in NY along with an exclusive family dealer. Equiped with the knowledge and little experience I garnered, I hit the James Allen website and …

Q&A: Princess Cut for $20K Budget

I was looking to get a nice princess cut solitaire engagement ring in the next month or so. I have about $20,000 to spend on the diamond and I found one at a local diamond wholesale jeweler in Dallas. They are asking $15,500 for the diamond, which seems like a good price. My only concerns …

Q&A: Round Cut for $15K, Please

Q&A: Round Cut for $15K, Please

Michael Fried Hi I am looking for an engagement ring with the following setting in platinum Blue Nile Half Moon Diamond Engagement Ring I would like advise on picking a 1.75-2.0 round diamond in the $11,000-$13,000 range. Let me know what you think of this setting and if I should buy it from Blue Nile …

Q&A: Chunky Cushion Cut; 1.6-1.8 Cts.

Hello – I’ve been researching engagement ring diamonds on the James Allen website as per the recommendations on your site. I’m looking for a cushion cut diamond which has exceptional cut/brilliance/fire etc. and very good in the remaining categories. Size wise looking around 1.6-1.8. I found the diamond below on the James Allen webiste and …

Q&A: Looking for 2 Ct. Cushion Cut

Q&A: Looking for 2 Ct. Cushion Cut

I’m interested in buying a diamond engagement ring and was wondering if you could help. In terms of what I’m looking for: – Cushion Cut (or Round, but to be placed in a square thin halo) – Circa 2 Carat – Good quality cut (very good / ideal ?) – Color – G / H …

Q&A: Cushion Cut 1.2-1.5 Cts.

Thanks so much for all of your helpful information on this website! I am looking for the best value for a cushion cut between 1.2-1.5 ct, a l/w ratio closer to 1 (square), a beautiful cut between $4000-$6000. I have been looking at James Allen and have found some good stones, just would like your …

Q&A: Looking for Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

I’m looking for an engagement ring somewhere in the range of 2 carats (normal diamond) but willing to forgo natural for a fancy vivid yellow diamond, can you help me find something in these criteria. Is possible to get a vivid yellow for the same price as a normal diamond.? Also my budget is 20-25k. …

Q&A: Searching for 2 Ct. Cushion Cut

I have been checking up on The Diamond Pro for a few months now in anticipation of purchasing a diamond and engagement ring. Thank you for the in depth information and material that you provide on the site. It has definitely helped me go from someone who doesn’t know anything about diamonds to being somewhat …

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