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Budget: $4,500

Q&A: Help Deciding Between Two Round Diamonds for a White Gold Halo

I am currently torn between two diamonds: Diamond 1: $3,850 .82 carats, I, VS2 Table: 59 Depth: 60.6 Crown angle: 33.5 Crown height: 13.6 Pavilion angle: 40.7 Pavilion depth: 43.5 Diamond 2: $3,561, .80 carats, H, VS1 Table: 57 Depth: 61.7 Crown Angle: 34.5 Crown height: 15 Pavilion Angle: 40.8 Pavilion depth: 43 I am …

Q&A: Help Choosing a 1 Ct. Round Diamond With a $4,500 Budget

Hi, I’m looking for a round 1 carat diamond. I’m looking for the best value for the best price. I mean who isn’t? If you could help me, the sites that keep popping up on my radar are James Allen and Yadav. If this helps also to be more specific — VS2-VVS2 clarity, medium to …

Q&A: Help Choosing a Round Diamond for a Solitaire With Up to $3,800 Budget

Good day, I’m located in Australia and I’m looking for the classic engagement ring with the one carat diamond in the price range 4000-5000 AUD inc. postage and tax. It has to be timeless classic design, which I believe would be a solitaire with the single diamond. The material depends on the final price, if …

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