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Budget: $30,000

Q&A: Help Finding a Round Diamond for a Solitaire With a $20-30k Budget

Hello, I am looking for help in purchasing an engagement ring. I have read your site and narrowed down my selection. My price range is 20k-30k. I want a round diamond, true heart. Carat should be between 2.5-3.5. I would like closer to 3.0-3.5 as possible. James Allen has a few that are closer to …

Q&A: Help Finding a 3 Ct. Cushion Cut Diamond With Up to $30k Budget

Hello; Looking at the following ring: What do you think? Is this good value? Wanting to go with a cushion cut in a platinum setting. Don’t want halo setting, but open to other ideas. Kind of like the tapered baguette… Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Can you send me the links to the …

Q&A: Looking for a 2.5 Ct. Pear-Shaped Diamond for a Pavé Setting

Q&A: Looking for a 2.5 Ct. Pear-Shaped Diamond for a Pavé Setting

Hello, I’m in the market for a diamond (for an engagement ring) and would love to hear more information about your services. Please contact me to discuss further. Thank you! Can you also tell me what style of setting (solitaire, halo, pave or other), metal (platinum/white or yellow gold) and shape of diamond you’re looking …

Q&A: Looking for a 2+ Ct. Round Brilliant for a Platinum Pavé Ring

First, thank you so much for creating this website and sharing your insightful reviews. They have been tremendously helpful. I am currently in the market for an engagement ring, and I have been gathering whatever educational information I can gather from online. After reading your review for Blue Nile and James Allen, I am definitely …

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