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Budget: $30,000

Q&A: Is a Princess Cut Prone to Chipping?

Just exactly how prone to chipping is a princess cut diamond? Is the chipping problem pretty much also an issue with marquis and pears? My girlfriend likes the princess cut, pear or marquis vs. a round brilliant, but I’m wary of buying her something that could lead to her eventual heartache if it were to …

Q&A: Looking for 2Ct.+ Princess or Round Cut in Australia

Q&A: Looking for 2Ct.+ Princess or Round Cut in Australia

I’m just looking to purchase a Princess Cut diamond and details below: Diamond Details Price: AU$ 30,891 Carat weight: 2.05 Cut: Good Colour: D Clarity: VVS1 Depth %: 72.5% Table %: 79% Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Very Good Girdle: Slightly Thick to Thick Culet: None Fluorescence: Medium Blue Measurements: 7.07 x 6.84 x 4.96 mm Length/width …

Q&A: Need Help Finding Round ~2 Ct. Diamond

Q&A: Need Help Finding Round ~2 Ct. Diamond

I’m really struggling on which attributes of a diamond are really most important. I’ve been looking for a round, ideal cut 1.90-2.00 carat diamond with F-G color, VS1-VS2 clarity and no florescence. Are there attributes which I should loosen in order to get a slightly cheaper diamond while still retaining all the qualities I want …

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