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Budget: $3,000

Q&A: Looking to Switch Away from Blue Nile Purchase

Hi Ira! I purchased an 80-point IF G-color diamond with what looks to be an excellent cut from Blue Nile. I am waiting on a ship date as my fiance-to-be wanted to have chevron prongs instead of the round prongs with a basket… My question is, do you have any alternative diamonds you could suggest …

Q&A: Searching for the Best Cushion Cut Diamond for $3000

Greetings Ira, First, I must write that your site is a must-read for any diamond shopper! Having this wealth of information and your expertise all in one place is such a help – wish I had come across your site before I was already a month into my diamond search! I am looking for a …

Q&A: Biggest Ideal Cut Round Diamond for $3500 Including Setting. Blue Nile vs. James Allen. Looking for Biggest Stone within Tight Budget That’s Still Eye Clean and a Good Performer.

Dear Ira, I hope this email finds you and your family doing well. I have really enjoyed reading about diamonds on your site and getting an unbiased perspective on diamond purchasing. I will be proposing to my girlfriend on an upcoming trip to South America. As a young guy with a non-profit career, my salary …

Q&A: $3200 Budget. Thinks she wants Round Brilliant Diamond, Finds out she Really Wants Princess Cut Diamond.

Hi Ira, I have been following your site for a few months now. Your advice has been so helpful. I had some more specific questions as I get closer to actually making a purchase. I think I have found the band I like the most on James Allen’s site. So that leaves me with $3200 …

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