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Budget: $11,000

Q&A: Looking for an Emerald-Shaped Diamond for a Three Stone Setting in Platinum

Love the web site. We are looking at the JA site and found the following emerald cut diamond: 1.13 CARAT D-IF EMERALD CUT DIAMOND Also looking at setting: PLATINUM THREE STONE EMERALD AND PAVE SET DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING Our concern is with a D color IF center stone are the side stones on …

Q&A: Choosing a 1.2-1.5 Heart-Shaped Diamond for with up to $11,500 Budget

Hi, I’m looking for a heart shaped diamond for my wife, but it is proving quite difficult as there is limited availability/choice online, would you have any suggestions? I’ve looked on James Allen, Blue Nile and other sites but can not find anything appropriate, maybe I’m being too fussy! I’m looking for the following: L/W: .95-1.05 …

Q&A: Looking for a Round Diamond for a White Gold Solitaire Ring With Around $11k Budget

Hello, I am thoroughly confused with what kind of diamond I should be getting. This is my first time buying a diamond and I really do not feel I have the confidence of buying a suitable one. Budget 11k white gold Round solitaire Thank you.  I love this diamond for you: Its bright, eye-clean and …

Q&A: Choosing the Largest Possible Eye-Clean Round Brilliant under $11k

Hi, I’d love your input on the best solitaire round brilliant ring under $11,000. I’d like it to be as big as possible without sacrificing any of the other components as seen by the naked eye. What clarity/color/ and cut would you recommend? Thank you!  I’d be happy to make some recommendations and guide you through …

Q&A: Choosing a Round Brilliant for a Platinum Pave Setting With $11500 Total Budget

 Good Afternoon, I need some help on picking a diamond for the following setting: My total budget is around $11500 US. I am not sure what size of diamond to even pick. I know I want it to be a round cut and to look amazing in the setting and to be a nice diamond. …

Q&A: Choosing Round Diamonds for a Three-Stone Platinum Setting for a ~10K Budget

Q&A: Choosing Round Diamonds for a Three-Stone Platinum Setting for a ~10K Budget

Thanks very much for the informative site. I have sworn for years that I would never support the De Beers diamond artificially-constrained-supply business model by purchasing diamonds. After nineteen years of marriage, though, and after she’s put up with 1,000 of my principled stands over the years, my wife wants a nice diamond ring and …

Q&A: Looking for a 1.5 – 1.8 Ct. Cushion Cut Diamond for 11k – 14k Total Budget

 Hello, I was wondering if you could recommend a cushion cut diamond from James Allen for an engagement ring. The ring that I plan to purchase is: Here is what I’d like for the diamond: clarity D-G SI1 (or SI2 with no visible inclusions) 1.5 – 1.8 carats Table < 70 Depth < 70 My …

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