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Ring Stacking: Everything you need to know

By Mike Fried,

With so many beautiful wedding rings, it’s tricky to decide which one you will want to still wear in 20 years. One of the reasons we love stacked rings is the never ending possibilities to expand your sparkle and express yourself. Kick off your heels and enjoy the process of rings without limits: hello ring stack!

Here’s everything you’ll learn in this guide:

  • What is ring stacking? 
  • What is the right way to stack wedding rings?
  • Does stacking damage the rings?
  • Should I buy the rings separately or together?
  • What’s the best stack style?
  • A few favorite ring stacks
Ring stacking

What is ring stacking? 

A ring stack (also known as ring layering) is a trend that has you wearing multiple rings next to each other on the same finger. Often the stack includes an engagement ring, wedding ring, and an eternity ring (anniversary ring).  Together these rings express the forever-ever nature of your love together.

Yet you need not limit your ring stack to these three traditional pieces. The ring stack is also a way for you to tell other stories of your life. Add rings to the stack for any major occasion including birth of children, anniversaries, job promotions, milestone birthdays, etc. You are the author of your ring stack. Get creative, sentimental, and stack on! 

Aside from allowing you to wear all of your rings at once, ring stacking offers several advantages. As the GIA explains in this guide, stackable bands let you easily personalize your look and adjust your style to match anything from your moods to your outfit or the current season.

What’s the right way to stack wedding rings?

There is no correct answer to the best way to stack rings. Some people enjoy the symmetrical look in which they sandwich the engagement ring between the wedding band and eternity ring. Other people put the engagement ring on first, followed by the wedding band and eternity ring. Some people like to keep their engagement ring front and center. That is easy to do by stacking rings on your opposite hand. You are in the driver’s seat and by playing with different orders, you’ll find the one most suited to you. 

Is there a correct number of rings to be stacked? Make sure your finger can bend and you’ll be dazzling. It is a matter of preference.

Does stacking rings damage them?

When rings are stacked next to each other, they are prone to wear down where they touch. Consider choosing the same type of metal for all the rings in your stack. Since some metals are harder than others, keeping a similar metal can lessen the wear when rubbing. 

Choosing the same metal doesn’t throw a two-toned stack out the window. Choose the same karat of gold. For example, put your 14K rose gold engagement ring next to a 14K white gold eternity ring (rather than 18K or a different metal). 

Rings that are a cohesive unit, nesting into one another, are less susceptible to wear than rings that are clanking against each other with gaps. Using the blank space between rings looks amazing and we say go for it. Just keep an eye on your rings where they touch each other. You may want to remove them for more physical activities.

stacked rings - engagement and wedding band
Engagement ring and a wedding band elegantly flush to each other

You can also wear your stack spread out over your hands. For example, protect your engagement ring on your left hand by wearing your wedding band and eternity ring stacked on your right. 

Should I buy the rings separately or together?

There are two schools of thought to answer this question. Some say it’s best to keep the pressure low, take one step at a time as you upgrade over the years. 

Many brides love the stacked look so much that they start buying corresponding stacking rings the moment they have their engagement ring. 

Buying a bridal set (an engagement ring and wedding band designed to fit together) is the most convenient option. Bridal sets guarantee a completed look all at once. Plus, rings are often less expensive when bought all together.

When thinking about your stack, remember that your fingers vary in size. If you plan to wear rings on different fingers, make sure to size the finger where you want your rings individually rather than rely on a single measurement. 

What’s the best stack style?

When designing your stack, the sky’s the limit. You are in charge of this sparkling menagerie. We have a few tips to get you started and encourage choosing a central theme such as rings with different silhouettes united by the same type of metal. Or if you are wanting to play with different colors of gemstones, it will look more cohesive to have one type of metal throughout the stack. Likewise if you want to coordinate different types of metals, having the same color of stone is a good idea. 

Profile is another aspect we encourage future-stackers to consider. The profile refers to how thick each band is. By keeping the profile consistent throughout the rings, it creates a balanced look that makes any style look elegant. 

Some engagement rings are going to give more options for future stacking. For example, a solitaire engagement ring can accommodate many different ring styles. We love the elegance of the Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring and the classic nature of the Flat Edge Diamond Engagement Ring

Comfort Fit Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring
Comfort Fit Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring

These Rings Are Meant for Stacking

The thinner band on these rings make them perfect for layering together. If you have several of these rings, you can switch up the combinations based on your style or mood. Wear them all sometimes. Wear two or three another time. 

For an active lifestyle, the simplicity and integrity of a Bezel Set Diamond Ring is sure to please. 

Add a little color to your stack with the Channel-Set Princess Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring.

Variations of stackable rings - channel (right) and bezel set (left)
Variations of stackable rings – channel (right) and bezel set (left)

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Combos

If you want two rings to seamlessly fit, bridal sets are the way to go. 

  • Shopping Tip: Blue Nile offers this amazing tool to help you find a stunning wedding ring for your engagement ring

The six-prong hand-engraved diamond engagement ring is a perfect match with the curved diamond and milgrain engraved profile wedding ring. We love the subtle details and the bold sparkle of these rings side-by-side. 

We adore the dynamic elegance of the split shank pavé cathedral engagement ring and curved cathedral diamond wedding ring

Split shank cathedral engagement ring with curved matching wedding band (both from Blue Nile)

This Perfect Fit 3mm Common Prong Diamond Engagement Ring nests with the Diamond Wedding Band to create a combination of sophisticated sparkle. 

Want more inspiration? A few helpful articles as you advance on your perfect wedding rings:

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