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25 Cushion Cut Engagement Rings for 2023

By Mike Fried,

A cushion cut diamond offers a distinct look with its square shape and rounded corners. With high levels of brilliance and fire, cushion cuts make for exquisite rings in almost every setting. These fancy cut diamonds are durable due to their rounded edges, and have a classic look with modern appeal. Cushion cuts continue to rise in popularity, partly because they’re less expensive per carat than round brilliants.

As the GIA explains here, some cushion cut diamonds “have all of the fire of round brilliant cut diamonds, while others have a more subtle glow.” This is largely the result of the cushion cut’s facet pattern, which emphasizes light performance and gives the cushion cut a unique combination of impressive dimensions and excellent brilliance.

Although the cushion cut is most popular in engagement rings, cushion cut diamonds are also used in other jewelry. According to diamond industry publication Rapaport, “Cushion cuts are popular in matching pairs. They are especially being used in larger-carat earrings.”

To help you find the perfect ring, here are the best cushion cut engagement rings for 2023. This collection includes solitaires and halos (the two most popular rings for cushion cuts). You’ll also see colored gemstone rings and vintage settings. No matter your partner’s style, you can find a cushion cut engagement ring they’ll adore forever.

1.Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess cut channel set ring

This stunning modern ring features a cushion cut center stone with princess cut diamonds along the band. Great for those with active lifestyles, this durable design holds up well while still offering a delicate appearance.

2. Pavé Knife Edge Lotus Basket Engagement Ring

Cushion Lotus engagement ring

The lotus design surrounding the center stone adds instant character to this engagement ring. The pavé band adds sparkle and charm.

3. Blue Sapphire and Diamond Double Halo Platinum Ring

Bring color into your design with a cushion cut sapphire. Surround it with a diamond halo—or two halos—for extra elegance.

East-west side stone ring

This east-west sidestone ring puts a spin on a traditional three-stone ring. It offers a whimsical touch while still having classic appeal, especially in yellow gold.

5. Bow-Tie Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

bow tie channel setting ring

The eight diamonds on this ring’s band enhance its beauty and help accentuate the center diamond. This ring looks like its fit for royalty without being overpowering.

With a delicate twist including a pavé row of diamonds, this classic ring offers character that will stand the test of time.

hidden sapphire and diamond pave ring

On the inside of this pavé band is a row of sapphires, adding extra character to a standard pavé ring. If your partner enjoys color but still wants a diamond center stone, this ring could be the perfect mix.

8. Beaded Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Beaded Bezel Diamond engagement ring

This antique style ring is a nod to ancient times. The side stones and beaded detailing give it an especially alluring look.

9. Regal Frame Diamond Engagement Ring

Regal diamond engagement ring

 Choose a bold, romantic cushion cut ring design, like this cathedral setting with pavé stones. Your partner will no doubt feel like royalty.

10. Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond Solitaire Ring

Fancy Yellow Cushion Diamond Solitaire Ring

Set in a simple solitaire band, this yellow diamond makes a big statement. The two-toned ring made of platinum and yellow gold adds even more character.

11. Classic Engagement Ring By Verragio

verragio halo cushion ring

Looking for more than a solitaire setting? Consider this designer cushion cut engagement ring complete with a halo and diamonds lining the band.

split shank cushion engagement ring

The two diamond bands featured here form a reverse split shank for a unique ring. The four-prong design allows the center diamond to receive maximum light.

13. Two-Tone Modern Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring

Two tone cushion engagement ring

With a twist below the center stone, this modern two-tone engagement ring in 14K white AND yellow gold offers flair without distracting from the diamond.

14. Fancy Vivid Yellow Cushion Diamond Halo Ring

Fancy yellow cushion diamond halo ring

Want a cushion cut ring that’ll stand out from the crowd? Choose a colored diamond, like a yellow diamond, to add instant personality to this white gold halo design with yellow gold prongs.

15. Decorative Pavé Halo Engagement Ring

decorative halo engagement ring

With its classic appeal, this halo ring is the essence of elegance. There’s even a floral pattern on the underside of the diamond to give it a unique flair.

16.Classic Pear Shaped Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire pear side stone engagement ring

This three-stone ring features two pear shaped sapphires on either side of the center stone. A unique ring like this one is great for those who want some color but still desire a diamond to be the focal point.

17. Navette Leaf Halo Engagement Ring

leaf halo engagement ring

Beyond the stunning halo of this ring, note the cathedral shank and milgrain detailing. This cushion cut ring is a perfect fit for those who want something other than the standard.

riviera pave engagement ring

With a band full of diamonds, this cushion cut engagement ring exemplifies elegance and timeless beauty. This ring style resembles Diane Kruger’s engagement ring from Norman Reedus. 

19.Platinum Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

pave halo engagement ring

The halo of diamonds that surrounds the cushion cut in this ring makes the center stone appear more prominent. The sleek metal band complements the style and gives the ring its signature modern look.

20. Tanzanite Cushion & Trapezoid Diamond Ring

trapezoid setting with tanzanite center stone ring

With an extraordinary blue cushion cut tanzanite flanked by two large diamonds, this ring is both stunning and perfectly unique. Consider it for a partner who loves to showcase their own style.

double halo engagement ring

A double halo adds a regal appearance to any ring. This double halo made of 18K white gold is a beautiful balance of grace and grandeur.

22. Chloe Engagement Ring By Jeff Cooper

Cushion solitaire setting by Jeff Cooper

With a polished finish and curved lines, this solitaire ring is a standout. It’s great for those with a simple and timeless style.

Wide Band Solitaire Engagement Ring

Looking for a modern ring design for your cushion cut? Consider this wide band with a flat profile in yellow gold. It’s simple, modern, and sleek.

24. Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire setting with a cushion diamond

The solitaire style of this ring allows the cushion cut to take center stage. The thin band offers a delicate yet stylish touch, mirroring the elements of Sophia Bush’s engagement ring from Grant Hughes.

Dot Dash side stone ring

With three kinds of fancy cut diamonds—round, princess, and baguette—this ring offers sophistication and style. The rose gold contrasts the diamonds, giving it its two-tone appeal.

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