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Shape: Emerald Cut

Q&A: Advice on Purchasing an Emerald Cut

My wife lost the diamond from her engagement ring several years ago – just fell out of the setting unnoticed. We have an anniversary coming up – and I would like to finally get her a new (replacement) engagement ring. My budget is $15,000 – $20,000 (inclusive of the setting). We’ve been married long enough, …

Q&A: Buying Emerald or Princess Cut Diamond on JA from Spain

I want to buy the perfect engagement ring to my soon to be wife, She wants something she can wear it everyday but elegant and with style. My first question is that She likes Emerald diamonds but everyone has told me that they are not very sparking and I’d better buy her a princess or …

Q&A: Looking for Best Emerald Cut Diamond Ring for $8K Budget

I’ve been reading your site and it’s been great. I’m looking for an emerald cut diamond engagement ring. I’d like to get the best looking diamond for the price. I can spend $8000k for the entire ring. I’ve been looking on the JA site and found the following setting: I’m having issues finding the …

Q&A: Looking for 1.5 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond

I was referred to your website by a friend who used your brokerage service this past year. Your advice is great! I have warmed up to the idea of buying a diamond from James Allen or Blue Nile. I am looking for roughly a 1.5 carat (or larger if in the budget) emerald cut diamond. …

Q&A: Buying Emerald Cut Diamond in the UK

Your website has provided me with some valuable advice, I really knew nothing before visiting it. I’m looking to purchase a ring, I’m UK based and have a £1,500 ring budget. I’ve seen this diamond: Blue Nile LD01195010 which seems to be a good balance of price/carat/cut/colour/clarity. What do you think? Many thanks Top Recommended …

Q&A: Sometimes You Don’t Need My Help!  Guy Looking for 1.50 Emerald Cut Diamond Nails it on First Try.

Q&A: Sometimes You Don’t Need My Help! Guy Looking for 1.50 Emerald Cut Diamond Nails it on First Try.

Hi Ira, My goal is an emerald cut diamond in the 1.5 carat range. My parameters would be your suggested minimums including H and VS2. Eye clean is required. Should I assume an Emerald cut GIA VS2 or better should always be eye clean? My likely setting is this one: I have located this …

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