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Help Building a 3 Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring in the UK

Help Building a 3 Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring in the UK

Apologies in advance for this extended question. My girlfriend wants a three stone engagement ring made of emerald cut diamonds, a centre stone of approx 0.9 carat with the long edge of the stone running parallel with the finger, the two side stone set with the long edge set perpendicular to the main stone all …

What Makes a Fancy Shape have a nice Cut?

This question came from a reader of my article about Diamond Cut. that’s great, but what about fancy cuts? I am interested in a rectangular radiant cut diamond, and the amount of conflicting information on what angles and proportions are preferable is very confusing.  Some sites say that to be a very good cut, the …

Emerald Cut 1 ct D VS2 Medium Yellow Price Help

What price range could you give me for the following specs: emerald cut, Carat weight:1.03, Color grade: D, Clarity Grade: VS2, Polish: Very good, Symmetry: Good, Fluorescence:  Medium yellow, no additional clouds. Measurements: 6.83 x 5.06 x 3.49, Depth:  69.0%,  Table:  71%,  Girdle:  Medium to Very Thick. I did a quick check on a diamond …

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