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Shape: Emerald Cut

Q&A: Help Choosing an Emerald Cut Diamond for a Halo Ring With a $3,000 to $3,500 Budget

Thank you very much for your website and this service you provide. I know my girlfriend is absolutely crazy about halo rings with either cushion or brilliant cuts. My budget is between 2500 and 3000 euro including setting and diamond. An example of a setting I found in james allen is this: Based on …

Q&A: Help Choosing the Best 1.5 Ct. Emerald Cut Diamond

Sir/Ma’am, Good morning, and I hope this email finds you well. My girlfriend and I are looking into having an engagement ring custom-made, and I’ve found your educational articles very useful, so I wanted to see if your team could help us make sense of a stone we’ve been viewing on the James Allen website. …

Q&A: Looking for Advice on Emerald and Princess Cut Diamonds

Q&A: Looking for Advice on Emerald and Princess Cut Diamonds

Hello Diamonds Pro, It’s great that you offer advice! I’m hoping you can advise on whether the level of ‘sparkle’ for the below 2 diamonds will be good based on their parameters (I’ve included all info I have :))? I’m concerned about the cut given that GIA do not grade these diamonds. EMERALD CUT Measurements …

Q&A: Looking for an Emerald or Oval Diamond With a $5,500 Total Budget

Q&A: Looking for an Emerald or Oval Diamond With a $5,500 Total Budget

Hi there. Could I please get the Blue Nile coupon? Thanks for your comparative review. Glad they have improved as most other reviews out there aren’t as great. Sure, I’m happy to help: [contact us for your own unique coupon code] I’m also happy to help you select a diamond or review the one you …

Q&A: Looking for a 2+ Ct. Emerald Cut Diamond With a $20k Budget

Radiant cut, F color, VS1, Ex/Ex, Strong Blue, 2.51ct. Looks great on, can’t see any haze or milkiness. Price is great. I have it on hold and am wondering what to do, I live in NY and jewelers in the diamond district all say strong blue is a definite no. They’re looking at it …

Q&A: Fancy Color Diamond for Investment Purposes?

Hi. I’m looking for a diamond to keep as an investment, where its value will be appreciated over time. I have these 3 from Blue Nile in mind. I particularly like the color ones over the clear one. However, some told me that it would be easier to resell the clear diamond than the color …

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