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Shape: Cushion Cut

Q&A: Help Finding a 4 Ct. Cushion Cut Diamond With Around $60,000 Budget

I have enjoyed reading information on your website so thank you for that. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. I am looking for an engagement diamond, cushion cut 4 ct or larger willing to spend around $60,000. I was worried about H color appearing too yellow in this size diamond. I am all …

Q&A: Help Choosing a Fancy Vivid Diamond for Around $1,500

Q&A: Help Choosing a Fancy Vivid Diamond for Around $1,500

What about IGL certificates is it better than IGI and GIA? Benma Fancy Color Diamonds only have IGL certificates. No. In most cases, diamonds with IGL are artificially enhanced which is something you don’t want. If they sell diamonds with only IGL, walk away and go with a company that sells GIA stones. If you’re …

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