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Q&A: Setting Compatibility and Solitaire Diamond

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Let me begin by saying thank you for the informative website you have put together. As a first time buyer of a diamond, I had a lot of questions. The answers to most of my questions were found on your website. It’s hard to find a website this detailed, so again, thank you.

To give some background, I am a Marine stationed in California. I recently returned from Afghanistan and I am ready to propose to my girl friend. It just so happens that before I can propose I need to buy a diamond ring. (I did some probing to see if she would go for a one of a kind mug which said, ”Let’s get married” but she didn’t take to the idea.)

I have already chosen the setting I want to buy. It is the Classic Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring from
Blue Nile Classic Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Now all that’s left is picking out the diamond. Here’s the problem. I want to be able to see the diamond before purchase, which is why I am hoping to find a diamond on instead of However, without looking at the setting, I don’t know if I can match the color of the solitaire to the pear diamonds in the ring. I am also unsure if I can match the solitaire to the setting’s prongs so a jeweler can set the solitaire in the ring. Is it possible for you (or me if you point me in the right direction) to tell the exact color of diamonds in the setting and if I can buy a 1 carat solitaire to match (which I could then have installed by a local jeweler)?

Also, approximately how much would it cost to have a local jeweler set the diamond in the ring?

Finally, I would like to purchase a 1 carat solitaire for $3500.00 or less, which would match or exceed the color of the setting’s diamonds. I’ve come across two already:

Would you evaluate these and give me your advise. Also, if you find a better diamond in the princess cut, I would like to see it. (If you could find a premium round cut for $3500 that was one carat, then I would consider you a diamond guru, but I understand the ”pie” principle.)

Your advice in this matter is greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for writing. And thanks for the kind words about my site! Have you seen this ring on JA:,-Pave-Set-Diamond-Engagement-Ring.html

If you apply the TADJ10 coupon code, it’ll cost 1845. It’s basically the same price, and you get the pave stones in the shank as well.

As for the stones you linked to, The F isn’t really an F – it’s certified by IGI, so it’s really the equivalent to a GIA G or H.

I like the H. This one is kind of borderline eye clean:

So it’s probably worth contacting JA and asking them to inspect it for you. If it is eye clean, then it’s a signficantly nicer cut than the H you linked to.

This one is really nice as well, but it’s a bit over your budget:

And here’s a round that has all its inclusions over to the side, so it will effectively be eye clean because people don’t generally look to the edges of a diamond:

Let me know what you think!

I was surprised to see the setting you showed me on JA. It is great! I’ll be able to buy the ring + setting from the same site and have the solitaire set as well, all in one purchase. Thank you for the recommendation.

After looking over the choices, I really liked the round cut. Seeing as how the inclusions are close to the side, how hard would it be if later (after I make my millions) I had a jeweler remove the imperfections and replace them with filler? What would the cost of something like that amount to? Is that a good option for a diamond like this. Also, how effective is the drilling/removal process?

If I were willing to spend 3700 on a solitaire, are there any other round cuts you would recommend?

Thanks again for all the advice

That stone doesn’t really lend itself to clarity enhancement because the inclusion is spread out and isn’t one solid mass.

I actually think for a round you might be better off dropping slightly below a carat and sticking with an SI2. Something like this:

Sorry for the long delay in my response but I got sidetracked with work. I looked at the diamond you suggested and I really liked it. However, before I settle on it, I wanted to know if you had any final recommendations on 1 carat round cuts before I buy a diamond. I guess I just like the idea of having a 1 carat solitaire for the setting.

Also, when it come time to buy, how do I supply you with your commission?

Thank you again for your help.

There’s no commission for this service. See my article here:

For your budget, I definitely still think that the G SI2 I recommended is your best choice.

I am about to purchase the ring setting + solitaire diamond but before I do I wanted to check with you again and see if I’m still choosing the best diamond. I did one last look through the round cuts and found the following:

Do you still believe the G SI2 ( is still the best?

Thank you again for all your help.

I took another look, and I definitely feel that the G SI2 is still the best option.

I just purchased the diamond and setting you recommended. I cannot wait to see the results. Thank you also for the coupon. Everyone likes a discount. I realize I was a bit unsettled about my purchase so I appreciate your patients and advice. Is there any way for me to write an online recommendation or complete a survey for your services? You were very helpful and I want to make sure you receive some kind of positive feedback for others to evaluate.

Great news, Matt! I’ll definitely be happy to hit you up for some positive feedback, but first let’s see what you think about the diamond! Let me know when it arrives!

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