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Q&A: This Guy is Lucky (or Smart?) for Contacting Me!

Hi Ira, First, great site, I’ve been gleaning information for the past 4 months or so researching diamonds for my upcoming engagement ring purchase. From time to time I look other places but always end up coming back for the quality and truthful insight. I’ve got a budget of $5000 and am looking at going …

Q&A: Best Eye Clean Round Brilliant Between $5000 and $6000

Hi, I’m looking for the best diamond I can get for my budget. I’m hoping I can spend $5,000 or less on an engagement ring but I am also willing to step it up to $6,000 if it is an absolute killer deal. What I’m looking for: Shape – Round diamond Ring – Platinum/White Gold …

Q&A: $4000 Max Budget for Woman with Large Fingers

Would appreciate your thoughts on getting a surprise engagement ring for Valentine’s Day. My max is $4,000 and my girlfriend has big hands–8 1/2 ring size. She likes round stones. Should I look for a setting with stones rather than a solitare. I was impressed with James Allan site–What do you think about their setting …

Q&A: Three-Stone Ring Style Engagement Ring for $5000. Blue Nile or James Allen?

Dear Ira, My friend told me about your site and am very glad he did. I was hoping to glean some wisdom from you regarding topping this ring off with a real fireball: It’s a beautiful ring, but has taken a good chunk out of my $5,000 budget ($2,280 for 18k white gold). So, my …

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Q&A: Largest Eye-Clean Round Brilliant Diamond for $1800

Hi Ira, I’m planning to propose in a week and I need your help to find the largest eye clear round cut diamond for $1800 or less. I’ve looked at a few on but haven’t been able to determine if they are eye clear from the virtual loop images. Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated. …

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