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Clarity: I2

Q&A: Choosing Between Two 1.5 Ct. Round Diamonds

Thank you for your excellent website. We are torn between two diamonds and would like your expert opinion on their appearance vs value for money: Thanks in advance!  Stay away from the H I1 you selected. Never buy a diamond that has a ‘clarity grade based on cloud not shown’ comment. That means …

Q&A: 0.6 Ct. Round Cut for Sapphire Sidestone Setting

This website has turned me into a bit of a diamond nut over the past couple of weeks. Really interesting reading. I was wondering whether you thought that the feathery white inclusions the diamond linked here: are likely to be visible to the eye? Just for background I’m planning on setting the diamond next …

Color & Clarity Matching Diamonds in Jewelry

Ive just bought some earrings (multi stone GIA F/SI1 with very good cut/pol/symm) . I got f colour to match an uncertificated 5 stone ring thats been assessed (independently) as F/G SI1.  I intend buying a pendant ( trilogy 0.33ct each or maybe graduated 1.5 ct total) and solitaire ring (1ct+) down the road. Do …

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