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Carat: 1.00

Q&A: Matching Colors of Center & Side Stones

First I’d like to say great site! I read the entire thing and recommended it to a friend. I’m purchasing an engagement ring and the setting I chose is from James Allen: I’ve done a lot of searching for the center stone using the guidelines from your site. What I’ve noticed is that color …

Q&A: Best Diamond for $4K Budget

Hi. I would like your opinion on the following diamond I plan on pairing it with setting 11012W and wedding band 14024W all from James Allen in white gold. Is this a good choice? Do you have another recommendation for a better diamond from the listings on James Allen? I would like to stay …

Q&A: Princess Cut, Fluorescence & Sapphires

I am currently in the planning stage of ring shopping, and you website has been incredibly helpful. After reading through your site, and doing lots of recon, I’ve been looking at diamonds and settings trying to make a plan and a budget. I do have a few questions: After browsing through settings on James Allen, …

Q&A: Best Princess Cut for $3000 Budget

Your website has been so influential on my diamond buying journey.. I would love some help to sift through perhaps what I should buy! I’m looking for: 1. Best diamond for fixed budget of 2.5-3k (total) 2. Princess cut 3. The best value for the least noticeable (I-H?) 4. Eye-clean for the best value!! (SI1-2?) …

Q&A: Canadian Princess

I have begun my search of an engagement ring and I have to be honest all the information is quite overwhelming. In addition, it can be hard to decipher between what is a sales pitch information and what is true advice. From mainly researching on your site it has helped me narrow down what I …

Q&A: Looking for 1 carat H-I Eye Clean Round Diamond

Hello, I am looking for a loose stone for an engagement ring. I am looking for: -Round, 1 carat in size, NO smaller. -Has to be eye clean -Color should be decent, H or I -Cut needs to be as good as possible for my budget which is $3500 – $4000 was looking at this …

Q&A: Looking for an Eye Clean One Carat Round Brilliant Diamond

Hi, I appreciate you sharing your expertise. Every time I think I finally know enough to really make some progress, I get overwhelmed because there are still so many choices and variables. I have picked out my setting (ArtCarved Amy 31-V228). 6-prong setting, white gold. Band has cut outs, ribbons of very small diamonds, and both …

Q&A: Online vs. Local in Miami.  $8000 Budget. Radiant vs. Princess.

Q&A: Online vs. Local in Miami. $8000 Budget. Radiant vs. Princess.

I’m looking for a princess cut diamond around 1.25 ct (+- .25 ct) set into a channeled band with diamonds only going halfway down on either side. Have made my mind up on clarity, color, etc. My budget is 8000. I want a combination of quality and size. I live near Miami’s diamond district and …

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