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Carat: 1.50

Q&A: K Color & Round Versus Princess Cut Diamond

Do you charge for advice or only for actually going to select the diamonds in person? If there’s no charge for advice on the Internet, I have a couple of questions for you and would really appreciate your help. I’ve been using James Allen to look for diamonds now for a few months and am …

Q&A: Round Brilliant between $6,500 and $7,500

I am searching for a ring imminently and have been reading your site for a few months. Thanks for all the work you’ve done and invaluable information. Based on what I’ve learned from your site, I have been looking at round brilliants in the I – SI1 & SI2 range. I really don’t want to …

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Q&A: Cushion Cut Diamond For $10-$15,000

The following question came to us from Matt from Houston: Thanks for providing this website… It has been a wealth of useful information for me 🙂 I’m planning to get engaged early next year and have started to take a look at rings. Based on your article about Diamond Stud Earrings, I have pretty much …

Q&A: Round Brilliant Solitaire Diamond

I have spent a few days learning the basics on your site and have found it extremely informative. I hope you can help with a suggestion based on my parameters: Round Brilliant Diamond around 1.5ct and under $11,500 for the stone. I plan on mounting as a solitaire on a very simple platinum band so …

Q&A: Looking for the Biggest and Best Asscher Cut Diamond for $8000

Hi there! Does this diamond look eye clean to you? Overall, does it look like a nice diamond? Thanks in advance:-) Top Recommended Vendors Blue Nile Blue Nile is the largest and most well known internet jewelry seller. They have a very large exclusive online inventory. Their high quality images are catching up to James …

Q&A: Online vs. Local in Miami.  $8000 Budget. Radiant vs. Princess.

Q&A: Online vs. Local in Miami. $8000 Budget. Radiant vs. Princess.

I’m looking for a princess cut diamond around 1.25 ct (+- .25 ct) set into a channeled band with diamonds only going halfway down on either side. Have made my mind up on clarity, color, etc. My budget is 8000. I want a combination of quality and size. I live near Miami’s diamond district and …

Q&A: Sometimes You Don’t Need My Help!  Guy Looking for 1.50 Emerald Cut Diamond Nails it on First Try.

Q&A: Sometimes You Don’t Need My Help! Guy Looking for 1.50 Emerald Cut Diamond Nails it on First Try.

Hi Ira, My goal is an emerald cut diamond in the 1.5 carat range. My parameters would be your suggested minimums including H and VS2. Eye clean is required. Should I assume an Emerald cut GIA VS2 or better should always be eye clean? My likely setting is this one: I have located this …

Q&A: Looking for 1.20 to 1.50 Carat Princess Cut for Around $8000

I have been monitoring your site for a while now and have found it very informative. I do not know the first thing when it comes to diamonds except what I have read on your site. I am looking for a center stone, princess cut diamond for around $8000. I would like it to be …

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