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Carat: 0.90

Q&A: Choosing an Oval Cut Diamond With Up to $4,000 Budget

Hello, I’m looking for an oval diamond. My preferences are: -0.9 carat minimum -D – F Color -SI1 minimum -4k Budget (5k total for the ring). -1.3-1.4 L/W ratio Do you think I can find something in the budget? Here’s my suggestion of a stone with the quality I’d recommend: It’s very well cut, …

Q&A: Choosing a Round Diamond for a White Gold Ring With $5k Total Budget

Hello, I’m starting the search for a great value ring to propose to my girlfriend. I’m looking for something very simple. From my reading on your site and elsewhere I’ve concluded that a solitaire ring with a round diamond (I think that’s the right terminology) is what I’m looking for. My budget is $5,000 but …

Q&A: Looking for an Oval-Shaped Diamond Within a $3k Budget

Hello! What are your recommended parameters for an oval diamond in regards to cut, color, clarity, diamond table %, etc. Will most likely be looking for .70 to 1.0 carat and in the $3,000 range (or less if possible). I really just want it to look high quality to the naked eye, but not go …

Q&A: Experience Shopping for a Diamond Pendant on a 5k Budget

Hi, I’m in the process of looking for a diamond for a pendant necklace to give to my fiance on our wedding day. This is the setting I think I’ll go with (18K White Gold 4 prong basket): 18K WHITE GOLD FOUR PRONG WIRE BASKET SOLITAIRE PENDANT (MOUNTING) I’m looking at round diamonds. I’ve been …

Q&A: Choosing a Round Diamond With $5,000k Budget

Is this a good deal for the diamond? The cut is ideal and inclusions are minimal from what I can see from the 360 view. I wanted to keep my budget at 4000 but I can’t seem to find anything near what I want for that price. Thank you! The stone is beautiful with …

Q&A: Choosing a Round Diamond for a White Gold Solitaire Within a $3,500 Budget

Hello, I have made some research and found your videos and site very helpful. I believe this diamond should be eye clean. Can you help me out with your expert opinion if that is true? Link below: The problem with that diamond is the comment in the certificate that says “Clarity grade based on …

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