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Q&A: Help Choosing a Pear Shaped Diamond with Around $1,000 Budget

Q&A: Help Choosing a Pear Shaped Diamond with Around $1,000 Budget

I recently purchased this diamond: Blue Nile LD08431086 But it’s a bit hazy in the lower half of the pear (pointed part) and I’m slightly disappointed with its sparkle, so I have inquired about exchanging the stone for this one: Blue Nile LD08732886 This one has a higher clarity grade but medium fluorescence. Can you …

Q&A: General Advice on Where to Go Diamond Shopping

Hi, I’m looking to purchase a ring from Robbins Brothers to propose soon. I like the ring design and it comes with a cubic zirconia. I figured I can get by with a good design and later (if desired) set it with a nice diamond in the future. I don’t like spending what I don’t …

Q&A: Looking for a Round Diamond for a Platinum Halo Setting With a $1,000 Diamond Budget

I am looking for a round diamond to have set in a platinum bezel setting: The closer I could stay to $1000 for the diamond, the better, but I could probably stretch the budget a bit if I needed to. Do you have any diamonds you would recommend for this setting? I’d go with …

Q&A: Help Finding a 1 Ctw. Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

As I read your website, I get the idea that you do not have as much faith in IGI certified diamonds. These are the diamonds that James Allen is selling. How is it that you suggest buying from James Allen if this is the case? Is it true that the round cut diamond sparkles more …

Q&A: Help Choosing a 1 Ctw. Pair of Diamond Studs For a White Gold Setting

Blue Nile coupon code, looking for 1 ct combined weight white gold round earrings, certified conflict free. Thanks. Have a look at this matched pair: Blue Nile LD08135506 Blue Nile LD08299665 They are both very well cut, eye-clean, going to look colorless and matched in all important specifications. And yes, I’m happy to send …

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