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Q&A: Choosing a Round Diamond for a Solitaire Setting With a $400 – $800 Budget

Hello, I would like some help finding an engagement ring. What shape diamond, style setting (solitaire, pave/side stones/halo) and metal (yellow/white gold, platinum) are you looking for? And also, can you give me your ballpark budget of what you’re planning to spend? I would be looking for a solitaire ring, round stone. White gold. Probably …

Q&A: Experience Shopping for Diamond Studs on a $1000-$1300 Budget

Q&A: Experience Shopping for Diamond Studs on a $1000-$1300 Budget

I’m looking to pick up a set of diamond studs in a 3 prong, or simple and small 4 prong white gold setting, about 2/3ct total (1/3ct each). My budget is somewhere around $1000-$1300, and I certainly don’t expect to find something completely flawless and colorless. From what I’ve read, something with an I or …

Q&A: Help Looking for Platinum Wedding Bands

Greetings, I came across your website while searching for an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I read your review on Kay Jeweler’s, and we found a ring that my girlfriend really liked. It is part of the Kay Jeweler’s Tolkowsky collection, and I was wondering if you knew any additional information about whether or not …

Q&A: Help Finding a Diamond Bridal Set for Under $2,000 In Total

I’m looking for a beautiful ring, but don’t have much money. My girlfriend would like it to have small diamonds down the sides, but a large diamond in the center that doesn’t stick up too far. I am sorry for not knowing technical terms and not being very specific, but I would really appreciate help. …

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