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Budget: $6,000

Q&A: Help Finding an Oval Diamond for Around $6k Budget

Hello, I am looking to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend. With help from her friends, I know that I’m looking for an oval or pear-shaped diamond on a simple Tiffany style ring. I have an appointment with a jeweler tomorrow but I was advised to come to your site first. My budget for …

Q&A: Looking for a Round Diamond for a Micro-Pave Setting Within a $6k Budget

Looking to buy a round cut diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend. Right now I know I’m looking to spend $6k max for everything, but can stretch slightly for a good ring. I think cut and size are important, ideally, want to try and get 1ct center diamond, solitaire micropave/pave setting. I’m confused about the …

Q&A: Help Finding a Round Diamond for a Yellow Gold Setting with Around $6k Budget

Q&A: Help Finding a Round Diamond for a Yellow Gold Setting with Around $6k Budget

Hi! I wanted assistance with trying to find eye clean diamonds on James Allen. I found this diamond: In the GIA report, it states – Clarity grade based on clouds not shown. Does this mean that the SI1 grade is because the diamond is cloudy or not exactly eye clean? What I am interested …

Q&A: Help Finding a Yellow-Brown Cushion Cut Diamond for Around $6k Budget

I have been searching for a 1.9-2.05 carat yellow in color diamond. I do not want it to be a vivid yellow, more of a pale yellow-brown color. Overall I would like the diamond to have a nice yellow or soft brown/champagne color with a great reflection to it. Kind of like My max …

Q&A: Choosing a Yellow Diamond with Around $6k Budget

Q&A: Choosing a Yellow Diamond with Around $6k Budget

Hi, First, thank you for providing such comprehensive and pertinent educational tools for free. I heard about you on the Art of Charm podcast. I am looking for an engagement ring with a deep yellow diamond set in white gold. My budget is around $6000 total cost. I like the look of pave up one …

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