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Budget: $4,500

Q&A: Looking for 0.85-0.9 Cts. Excellent Cut Diamond for $4200 Budget

I’ve read with interest the Q&A section and love the diamonds you help people find. I would love some help/advice, as I want to order a ring in the next few days from Here is the ring: I am wanting (hopefully) to be somewhere around .85-.9 carats, but with an excellent cut diamond …

Q&A: Oval Diamond — James Allen or Brian Gavin?

I have now spent a number of weeks (turning to months) educating myself on the various elements to be taken into account when purchasing a diamond/engagement ring. After visiting a number of jewelers I didn’t feel I was getting my moneys worth so decided to look online. I have now read countless reviews of Blue …

Q&A: Seeking Cushion Cut Diamond for $4K Budget

I’ve read through a few of your articles and one in particular scared me a fair bit. I’m talking about the one where you compared a VS1 (I think?) diamond against a I3 (again, I think?) diamond and examined the inclusions. Your analysis identified a stark black mark in the VS1 diamond, whilst the I3 …

Q&A: Seeking Sparkling Round Brilliant Diamond for $4500-5200 Budget

Hello, I have been lurking on your website for nearly a year. I am finally ready to go ahead with my purchase and your guidance would be much appreciated. My budget for the diamond is 4500- 5200. The setting is a 18k white gold tension set split prong. Must be round brilliant ideal cut stone. …

Q&A: 1.2 Carat Princess Cut Diamond

Hi! I love your site – SO much valuable information in just one place! I commend your hard work at it! I am just about ready to make an online purchase of a 1.21 carat princess cut diamond. On paper, everything looks wonderful, with the exception of my concern about the table %. Below are …

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