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Budget: $3,000

Q&A: Help Choosing a Round Diamond for a Milgrain Bezel Solitaire With a $3,000 to $4,000 Budget

Hello, My boyfriend and I are in the process of looking for an engagement ring. We have been reading articles on your website to learn what we should be looking for. I am leaning toward this setting from James Allen: How much do you charge to assist with selecting a diamond? We are finding …

Q&A: Choosing a Round Diamond for a White Gold Ring With $3k Total Budget

Hello, I have never purchased any jewelry with a diamond. My girlfriend and I have been looking at engagement rings for over a week, making appointments and feeling frustrated as well as overwhelmed with the sales people. Is it possible to find .6-.7 carat diamond that is G-F in color with VS quality for around …

Q&A: Help Finding a Marquise Cut Diamond With Around $3k Budget

Help! I’ve been researching engagement rings for the past month or 2 and there is just so much information out there. It’s both a blessing and a curse really. I stumbled across your website and decided why not reach out to an expert to get a solid opinion on this matter. My budget is roughly …

Q&A: Choosing a Round or Princess Cut Diamond for a Solitaire Ring With $3,000 Budget

Hi, I would like a plain solitaire setting with a nicely cut (excellent or ideal) round diamond or princess cut. As colorless as possible. I try not to exceed $3000 overall so the stone will probably have to be less than 1 carat. Thanks! I found this amazing 0.91ct diamond: It’s eye-clean, well cut …

Q&A: Help Finding a Round Diamond for a Solitaire With Around $3,000 Budget

Hi, I am looking for a round brilliant diamond for a solitaire setting. The budget is around £2000 for the diamond. What do you think of this combination? Blue Nile LD08743473 Blue Nile Classic Four Claw Solitaire Engagement Ring The diamond looks eye-clean, it’s well cut and will compliment the setting. Thank you, very thoughtful. …

Q&A: General Advice on Where to Go Diamond Shopping

Hi, I’m looking to purchase a ring from Robbins Brothers to propose soon. I like the ring design and it comes with a cubic zirconia. I figured I can get by with a good design and later (if desired) set it with a nice diamond in the future. I don’t like spending what I don’t …

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