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Rose Gold Engagement Rings: Timeless and Unique

By Mike Fried,

The moment has arrived! You await the thrill on her face when she sees the engagement ring you chose. Or perhaps you are choosing together? The engagement ring is the first decision of many. 

We want to help make that decision easier for you. We have many articles to help you with diamond shape, diamond cut, and diamond color. We also want to help you choose the type of gold best for you. The rising popularity of rose gold is worth a moment to examine. 

Rose gold appeals to the timeless, trendy and romantic. Worn by stars from Katie Holmes to Blake Lively, the popularity of this precious metal is on the rise. As yellow gold fades into the past, most ring fingers nowadays wear white gold. Yet the regal, romantic elegance of rose gold is clear. Take some time to explore our expert collection and consider if this unique beauty is right for you.

rose gold ring

What We Love

The pink hue of rose gold symbolizes romance, making it a wonderful choice for an engagement or wedding ring

Rose gold is a way to be sophisticated and unique. It can be flashy or subtle, vintage or modern. We love the way it compliments all different skin types, accentuating the dark and highlighting the light.  After white-metal dominated engagement ring sales for years, rose gold is making a comeback, according to GIA, as the metal of choice for many stylish and modern engagement rings.

Rose gold looks beautiful with diamonds, yet also gives charm to other gemstones and pearls. You can even combine it with white and yellow gold for a clever juxtaposition. Placing all three gold colors side-by-side actually popularized the metal in the 20th century with Cartier’s famous “Trinity Ring” in which a simple band of all three metals was worn stacked together.

Why Pink?

The romantic luster of rose gold (also termed pink or red gold) derives from copper alloys. All pieces of gold need alloys, or mixtures, to strengthen them. A 24-karat gold piece (made of 99% or more of the metal) is too soft and malleable for jewelry. To make rose gold, pure gold is mixed with silver and copper to strengthen the metal. Rose gold is authentic, but since it’s an alloy, there is no such thing as “pure rose gold.”

Most rose gold used in jewelry is either 14 karat (14K) or 18 karat (18K), meaning 14 or 18 out of 24 parts of the metal consist of pure gold, with the other parts made up of other metals. For example, 18K rose gold is typically made using 75% gold, 22.25% copper and 2.75% silver, or a similar combination of the same metals.

Since copper is stronger than gold, rose gold is sturdier than white or yellow gold. Physically, it is more resistant to damage. Figuratively, many enjoy the symbolism of that fortitude. It represents your relationship and commitment within the engagement ring. 

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose gold does not tarnish. Like all colors of gold it needs regular cleaning and polishing. Yet you can be confident its brightness will continue to shine.

A more comprehensive comparison of gold types, platinum vs. white gold vs. yellow gold vs. rose gold, is worth looking at to understand the complexities of these different alloys.

Rose gold may not be for everyone. While extremely stylish and solid, the copper content of rose gold means that it can trigger skin allergies for some people. If your partner is part of the approximately 3.8% of the population with a copper allergy, rose gold probably isn’t the optimal metal to choose for your engagement ring.

No matter what type of gold you choose, high-quality engagement rings are always 14K or 18K. Rose gold is no different. For a master breakdown of gold quality, check out our article on How to choose the right gold (10K, 14K, 18K and 24K).

Most engagement ring styles can be requested in rose gold. Here are a few of our favorites to showcase for you, all in 14K or 18K.


A classic halo in 14-karat rose gold represents a gorgeous sophistication that will remain regal throughout changing trends. 
From the six side diamonds to the shared prongs setting, this radiant cut side stone diamond engagement ring exudes romance. We like the four prong basket with claw tips it features as well.

Timeless Rose Gold Engagement Ring


An east-west prong cradles your diamond in this classic solitaire engagement ring from Blue Nile.

The draping lines and defined petals of the James Allen modern tulip diamond engagement ring will impress you with its refined simplicity. 

Taking the simple solitaire to a modern level is the breathtaking reverse taper modern milgrain engagement ring. If the seven intricate rows of milgrain design don’t impress you, the surprise diamond from the side profile surely will.

Modern Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Vintage Appeal

The head-turning capabilities of this vintage soft floral engagement ring are endless. We love the soft, swirling floral pavé design and open split pavé shank.

Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The alluring, nature inspired diamond pavé bypass ring from James Allen is another favorite. It takes the bypass design to a different level with the milgrain accents and sweeping design. It is sure to highlight the diamond or gemstone you choose. 
This vintage two-tone floral shield halo engagement ring is another way to accentuate the luster of rose gold. We love the floral motif of rose gold surrounding the central stone. The centerpiece is embellished even more with diamonds descending along the white gold band.

Stunning Accompaniments

Rosy morganite gemstones compliment rose gold nicely. With morganite at its center, this diamond halo combines vintage with rosy-glow for a real stunner from Blue Nile. 

We adore the magical luster of this emerald cut opal with the diamond halo from Blue Nile
The simplicity of this fresh water pearl crescent ring is stunning. The sun-and-moon design is perfect for a love as large as the solar system.

Rose Gold Ring with pearl


Other enchanting gemstones for rose gold are emeralds (not to be confused with emerald cut stones) and aquamarines. The rich color of blue and green contrast perfectly with the rose gold. Two favorites are this petite micropavé hidden halo with aquamarine and this tapered baguette diamond cathedral engagement ring with emerald.

Rose Gold Setting with a gemstone

Wedding Bands

This twisted pavé wedding ring fits together perfectly with the twisted pavé engagement ring. Together the twisted pavé shank of the two rings gives sparkle and symmetry. 

Crafted from 18K rose gold, this diamond wedding band from Bella Vaughan harks eternity with diamonds that glitter along the entire band. 

Another favorite of ours from Bella Vaughan is the Euro shank diamond wedding band. We love the sophistication and the diamond accent with its hidden glimmer. 

Rose Gold Wedding Bands

This floating diamond wedding ring can be stylishly stacked with other rose gold rings. Or for the appeal of contrast, place it next to yellow or white gold. 

An engagement ring is a very personal choice. Only you can decide what style, stone, and gold is right for you. While not the most common choice, rose gold clearly has a place at the table. 

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