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Diamond Gifts for Your Kids

By Mike Fried,

There are many occasions when you may want to purchase diamond jewelry for your children or grandchildren. Whether it is for a birthday, graduation, or any special occasion, diamond jewelry is a timeless and deeply meaningful gift, and it can be a beautiful way to show your love and all of your wishes for your child’s happiness and success in life. In fact, diamonds have long been thought to bestow luck and good fortune upon the wearer. This guide is full of helpful tips for choosing a perfect diamond jewelry gift for your children, whether they’re 2 or 22.

Gifts to Celebrate the Birth of a Baby

For a gift to commemorate your child’s birth, consider giving something that is easily adjustable, so that they can enjoy it for many years to come. A pair of petite diamond studs like this bezel set pair of Floating Diamond Stud Earrings from Blue Nile or a diamond bracelet are great options. Diamond bracelets are very popular as “baby’s first diamond” gifts. How adorable is this Oval Link On Paper Clip Bracelet? Rings and necklaces for babies are very cute, but they can present safety hazards, so it is safer to stick to earrings and bracelets for jewelry that is intended to be worn by an infant. When selecting jewelry for your baby to wear, always choose a safe, high-quality metal such as 14K gold, and make sure it is adjusted to fit your child properly.

Oval Link Paper Clip Bracelet
Oval Link Paper Clip Bracelet from James Allen

Mementos and Keepsakes

While they might not be suitable for infants, a necklace or a ring can make a beautiful keepsake or memento of your baby’s birth if you don’t plan for your baby to wear it right away. Some people choose a special piece of jewelry to celebrate their baby’s birth and plan to give it to the child when they are a bit older. This definitely gives you more options to choose from.

A sweet and sentimental diamond necklace like this Mini Heart and Diamond Charm Pendant from Blue Nile is the perfect memento of your little one’s birth- a moment you will surely treasure forever.

When choosing a diamond jewelry gift to commemorate the birth of a child, you may also wish to incorporate their birthstone, like in this Dainty Blue Topaz Bezel Diamond Ring By Brevani for anyone born in November which will surely be treasured for a lifetime.

Mini Heart and Diamond Charm Pendant
Mini Heart and Diamond Charm Pendant from Blue Nile

Birthdays and Christmas/Holiday gifts for Teenagers

When giving a gift to a teenager, whether you are looking for a special birthday gift or a Christmas present, you may want to choose something that reflects your child’s unique personality. Teenagers often have a stronger sense of what they like and don’t like, so you can pay attention to their developing interests and sense of personal style to help you choose a gift they’ll love. These Triple Row Diamond Huggie Earrings are trendy and playful. And this Diamond Accent Pad Lock Push Lock Rolo Split Chain Necklace is adorable and youthful, but definitely not childish.

Pad Lock Push Lock Rolo Split Chain Necklace
Pad Lock Push Lock Rolo Split Chain Necklace from James Allen

Special occasions and rites of passage

Special occasions like bat mitzvahs, baptism, first communion, quinceaneras, a 16th birthday, confirmation and other important rites of passage are also good opportunities to give a meaningful jewelry gift. These occasions often signify being welcomed and recognized by one’s community, or coming of age, and so it is a good time to give a gift that has special significance. It is also a good opportunity to give something timeless that your child will be able to wear and cherish for a long time.

For this reason, a beautiful, classic piece of diamond jewelry, like a pair of 14K White Gold Inside Out Petite Diamond Hoops is a great choice. Diamond jewelry is highly symbolic, and perfect for marking such an occasion. Giving a diamond jewelry gift also signifies bestowing a certain trust and responsibility, and the expectation that your child is now old enough to care for something precious.

For religious rites and ceremonies such as a bat mitzvah, first communion or confirmation, it may be appropriate to give a gift that has religious significance, like this Star of David Diamond Pendant from Blue Nile.

Star of David Diamond Pendant
Star of David Diamond Pendant from Blue Nile

Graduation gifts

Graduating from highschool or college is a big occasion in your child’s life, as they grow in independence and maturity, and are becoming less and less childlike and preparing to take on the responsibilities and tasks of adult life. Diamond jewelry is a wonderful graduation gift, perfectly appropriate to mark the transition to adulthood, while demonstrating to your child how much you love them, and how proud you are of all their accomplishments.

A beautiful pair of earrings like these Baguette And Round Diamond Flower Earrings are striking and feminine- oh so classy, but still fun and playful. A ring can be a wonderful graduation gift, too.

While diamond rings are often associated with engagement, not all diamond rings have to be engagement rings. A lovely, simple ring like this Petite Solitaire Asscher Cut Diamond Ring is perfect gift for Graduation Day.

Bracelets are excellent options as well. A timeless, classic bracelet like this Diamond Bangle from Blue Nile would make a gorgeous gift.

If you want something really classic, a diamond pendant is a great way to go as well.

iamond Flower Earrings
iamond Flower Earrings from James Allen

There is a lot of jewelry out there. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of options, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to make your search easier.

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