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Shape: Princess Cut

Q&A: Comparing “Virtual Loupe” pictures. Learning What’s Eye Clean. Explanation of Diamond Photography.

Hello, I Was wondering if this is fairly typical, and if not, how “visible” would the markings be on the SI1 diamond referenced? Those are two stones I’m looking at for an engagement ring, and it is quite obvious that one has visible (feathering?) on the table. I can’t imagine how this wouldn’t …

Q&A: Best $2000 Princess Cut and How to Avoid Sales Tax

Hi Ira, I’ve been looking at your site for many months now so first of all I’d like to thank you for explaining what to look for in a diamond in such a clear yet thorough way. I appreciate that you must be a very busy man but 2 minutes of your time would be …

Q&A: Looking for the Best Princess Cut for $3500

You just did a post (link below) about a situation just like mine. Just looking for an update if anything new/better has come across James Allen. I am in the $3500 for the diamond range, +/- a couple hundred if there is that “$3800 special”. We swapped emails a bit ago, finally looking to pull …

Q&A: Best Princess Cut for $5000 to $7500 With F or Better Color

Hello, I am currently looking for the best engagement ring possible within the budget of $5000-$7500. Princess Cut D-F Best Clarity Possible Currently been looking on and, can you recommend any other sites? Also are you aware if they offer insurance? Thanks. Top Recommended Vendors Blue Nile Blue Nile is the largest and most …

Q&A: $3200 Budget. Thinks she wants Round Brilliant Diamond, Finds out she Really Wants Princess Cut Diamond.

Hi Ira, I have been following your site for a few months now. Your advice has been so helpful. I had some more specific questions as I get closer to actually making a purchase. I think I have found the band I like the most on James Allen’s site. So that leaves me with $3200 …

Q&A: Wants Fiery Square Diamond: Princess or Radiant?

Hello- I am interested in purchasing a stone for an engagement ring. The ring setting itself will be the heavier trellis ring in platinum or white gold. I see that on Blue Nile, these rings can only be set with round, princess or asscher. James Allen offers a larger variety of stone shapes for this …

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