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Shape: Cushion Cut

Q&A: Looking for a Squarish Cushion Cut at Least One Carat for $5000

So the time has come for me to find the right stone for an engagement ring. Your website has been a great help. Truly clearing up some of my misconceptions and keeping me away from salesmen. Thank you! I have found one stone I am interested in and am curious if you might be able …

Q&A: Square, Asscher, or Cushion Cut Diamond?

I’m looking for a square cut diamond in an antique or antique reproduction setting. I generally prefer the radiant cut, but the attached ring is assher and I really like the setting. I really like this ring. It’s over 2 carats. My first concern is color – J – while you recommend H or …

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Q&A: Cushion Cut Diamond For $10-$15,000

The following question came to us from Matt from Houston: Thanks for providing this website… It has been a wealth of useful information for me 🙂 I’m planning to get engaged early next year and have started to take a look at rings. Based on your article about Diamond Stud Earrings, I have pretty much …

Q&A: Looking for Eye-Clean Cushion Diamond

I have read every single page of your site and have scoured James Allen and Blue Nile for the perfect radiant or cushion cut stone. I have a budget of 6-7 for the entire ring and wedding band, so I am thinking of a diamond in the 4-5 range. I am looking to cut corners …

Q&A: Searching for the Best Cushion Cut Diamond for $3000

Greetings Ira, First, I must write that your site is a must-read for any diamond shopper! Having this wealth of information and your expertise all in one place is such a help – wish I had come across your site before I was already a month into my diamond search! I am looking for a …

Q&A: Wants Fiery Square Diamond: Princess or Radiant?

Hello- I am interested in purchasing a stone for an engagement ring. The ring setting itself will be the heavier trellis ring in platinum or white gold. I see that on Blue Nile, these rings can only be set with round, princess or asscher. James Allen offers a larger variety of stone shapes for this …

Indecisive About Fancy Shapes

As an extension of your post from June 24 titled, “What Makes a Fancy Shape have a nice Cut?”…. Does a cushion cut fall under the same rule (70/70) as the radiant does? Also, you say the rule is 60/60 for rounds, but I saw one website that recommended 63 table/69 depth, which falls into …

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