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Overall Score:3.67
Price:3.5Selection:3.5Customer Service:4
  • Excellent customer service
  • Nice jewelry

  • Slightly less competitive on price and selection
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Bottom Line

Ritani is a good company. Their jewelry and service are excellent and their diamond prices are ok. That said, you can get better value shopping at Blue Nile or James Allen (slightly cheaper prices, slightly better selection of settings).

For those niche consumers who really want to utilize Ritani’s “click and bricks” business model (explained below), or those consumers who happen to fall in love with a specific setting at Ritani, they are a great company.

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1) The History

Ritani is a relatively new kid on the block of online diamond retailers, having opened in 2012. Ritani was the brainchild of one of the largest DeBeers Sightholders, Julius Klein Group.  After a couple of years, their stake was bought out by Cantor Fitzgerald. Throughout this ownership change, Brian Watkins has remained at the helm of this company (he has been the CEO since its founding).

Ritani has taken the advantages of online retail (as we cover in our article about online vs. traditional retailers) and is trying to add some unique twists. The results are impressive, but I’m not sure how much those features resonate with the consumer.

2) The Experience

Ritani has a very nice website. It is clear, intuitive and easy to navigate. They are a large company with an excellent selection of diamonds.

Ritani has direct relationships with their suppliers, so the diamonds they have listed are guaranteed to be available. This seems to be the case for the big three companies; Blue Nile, James Allen and Ritani.

Other sites use lists of diamonds from industry lists that are not always accurate (diamonds may not be available, the seller may not agree to sell it to the website you try to purchase it from etc). Working with one of these three sites gives you a more seamless buying experience.

Ritani also has the option to have a gemologist inspect the diamonds for you. You can select up to four diamonds, book a time slot, and they will give you a more detailed review of those diamonds.


3) Clicks and Bricks

Ritani’s standout feature is their “clicks and bricks” model.

This allows shoppers to have their selection shipped to a local retailer for viewing. This is a nice feature for those who really want the feel and experience of going into a store.

The reality is that all of the major online retailers offer full return policies, so you can just as easily order a ring and return it if you don’t like it. It’s far more practical, but some people prefer the retail experience. Also, if you are really strapped for time and don’t have a high credit limit, shopping elsewhere may tie up some of your credit for a week or so (while waiting for the return to be processed).

If you go the online route (like the overwhelming majority of our readers), Ritani has a great return policy. All the major companies offer full return policies. Like James Allen (Blue Nile does not offer this), Ritani will also pay for the return shipping. You just notify Ritani and they will schedule a pickup for you at home. You just slap the return label on and return.

While store visits and return policies are nice for peace of mind, the reality is that less than one percent of readers who contact us end up returning what they buy. So the minor differences in return policies don’t really come in to play that much.

4) Product

Fortunately Ritani is a site that only lists GIA and AGS certified diamonds on their site. For a limited number of diamonds, they offer high quality videos (imperative if you are looking to find the sweet spot in quality/value).

Unfortunately those diamonds with videos are few and far between and there is no easy way to filter the search for diamonds with videos. It would be great if they could add a filter for videos on the search panel.

When it comes to settings, they don’t seem to stack up so well to the competition. Their selection is great and sometimes they’ll have a specific setting you can’t find elsewhere (as can be with all the major sites). But when you try to compare apples to apples, it seems like their settings are on the expensive side.

Take, for example, their cheapest solitaire selection. It is pretty similar to this solitaire from James Allen, or this ring from Blue Nile. Not only are the settings from James Allen and Blue Nile cheaper, but they also have more to chose from in the under $300 range (Ritani has just that one, while the others have several settings to choose from).

ritani-ringOr if you are looking for a halo and pave setting, here is the first one available on Ritani. This is priced at $1,990. Blue Nile has 18 choices before we hit the same price point with this setting and James Allen has 17 before finding this beauty at the same price point. Ritani seems to be a bit more expensive, and has fewer options.

5) The Value

Getting back to the diamonds, I will make two comparisons:  One to James Allen and one to Blue Nile. Here is beautiful 1.12ct I SI1 from Ritani. The cut is great and it’s a nice diamond for $5,196. To compare, here is similar 1.10ct I SI1 from James Allen for $4,910.

This is a nice 1.51 I VS2 from Ritani for $8,421. Looking on Blue Nile, I found this comparable 1.50 I VS2 for $8,270.

All four of those diamonds are great and excellent value. Strictly from a price point of view, Ritani is about 5% more expensive than the other top online jewelers. That isn’t chump change but, unless you have no preference about which company you prefer, saving 5% is probably not enough to compel you to switch to a different company.


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