Leicht Jeweliere Review


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Leicht Jeweliere
Overall Score:1
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  • Stuffy Experience
  • Horrible Diamonds
  • High Prices
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The History

Leicht Jeweliere had its start fifty years ago in Pforzheim. A family run business, it has been run for the last 25 years by Geog H. Leicht and his wife, Silke. They now have nine locations around Germany.

The Experience:

I’ve been to modern, laid back stores, and old-fashioned elegant stores. This was, by far, the stuffiest feeling I’ve ever experienced in a store. Walking into their Dresden location, It felt like I was transported back to the 1970s. Everything about the store expresses a sad attempt at recreating a (fortunately) long lost era. I was immediately depressed and was tempted to just walk out.

A salesperson came over to help us. They had just opened and she seemed a bit disorganized, but that didn’t really bother us. The product, however, bothered us a great deal.

The Product:

For a stuffy place pushing themselves as the luxurious option, they should be ashamed of themselves. The ring they pushed us was an outright scam. First off, the diamond had no legitimate certification. The salesperson tried to sell us a line of B.S. about how they are above needing such things as an independent certificate.

Things really went off the rails when they listed the specs. It was a round diamond in an 18kt white gold setting. They told me the diamond was a 1.24ct H SI1 Ideal cut. In my professional opinion, that diamond didn’t come close to those specs. It looks like a J SI2/I1 and the cut was horrific on the diamond. But the worst was yet to come.Leicht

It was difficult for me to properly inspect the diamond (it would have been obvious that I was an expert), but when they offered me a loupe I noticed drill lines. I was stunned. After commenting on that, the salesperson said “oh, the clarity has been enhanced.” Not only is it highly unethical to show a clarity enhanced diamond without mentioning it at the outset, no respectable jeweler would sell something like that to begin with. Certainly not a “luxury” retailer.

The Value:

And here is the kicker. They wanted 10,800 euros for that piece of junk. A diamond like that is not worth more than 3,000 euros (and I wouldn’t recommend buying something like that at any price). The quality was freakishly poor, it was worthless because it was artificially treated and the price was out of control. You are better off buying (for example) this 1.22ct H VS1 GIA certified excellent cut round diamond from Blue Nile with this 18kt white gold solitaire. The diamond is superior in every way imaginable. It is better cut, its actually an H color, it is a better clarity and it’s not artificially treated. Oh, and you end up spending about 30% less on top of all that.

Bottom Line:

Juwelier Leicht was, by far, the most disappointing stop I made on my trip through Germany. We would recommend buying a far superior ring online from a site like bluenile.com or jamesallen.com. Even if you don’t go that route, I would suggest going anywhere else but Leicht.

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