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Q&A: Princess Cut Length-to-Width Ratio and Help with 6000 CAD Budget

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Hello! I just wondered abou the L/W ratio. I am looking fo a diamond and setting for about 6000 CAD all in taxes and delivery. I found one on blue nile:
Blue Nile LD01117408

but i am not sure about the L/W ratio of 1.07. Will this look just off square or will it be ok? Thank you for your help!

Your suspicions are correct.  1.07 is too high.  It needs to be between 1 and 1.05.  That’s probably why the stone is so cheap.
Would you like me to help you find something?


Thank you for the speedy reply! Sure I wouldn’t mind any help! The specifications on the page I sent are kind of what I’m looking for, plus or minus… I WAS on BN because of a setting that I liked but situation has changed… I was originally looking at the asscher cut because she likes the square-ish Shape but I think shell like the princess because it reflects light better…

I’m currently reading up on the table debate and trying to see what’s better. Do you know if is sort of the same case as the asscher cut wherein the table will look bigger or smaller with respect to the depth?


Could you send me a link to something referring to the “Table debate” you mention?  I’m not sure exactly what you’re talking about.


Oh lol it isn’t one page or anything. I’m referring to the question of the table cut size you mention in your truth about princess cut diamonds: 68% or below vs higher table percentages.


ahh..  I say just take a look at some pictures on James Allen to get a feel for what you like.  It’s totally a matter of preference.


Ok sounds good!


Open up the advanced options and you can search by table and depth


What does it mean / what can I expect when it says ” surface graining is not shown” or “pinpoints or additional clouds not shown”… ?


surface graining is something you can only see with a microscope.  Some diamond crystals are much harder to polish than others.  Those usually have abnormal grain directions.  They leave behind a very very faint artifact on the diamond’s surface.  But like I said, it’s only visible through a microscope.  Occasionally you can see it through a loupe.  But either way, it has no affect on the beauty of the stone.

Pinpoints are inclusions so tiny it’s not worth plotting them on the inclusion chart.

Clouds are only a problem if you’re dealing with an SI2 or I1, and NOTHING shows in the plot and it says something like “clarity grade based on clouds not shown.”  That generally means it’s a cloudy dull stone (but clean) that they give a lower clarity grade to to reflect the cloudiness.  If you’re looking at VS2s you don’t have to worry about this.

Did you have a chance to see different table sizes on james allen?  Did you decide what you like?


I really can’t decide! I can tell the difference between the two however neither looks bad….

Basically I want the ring to look gooooood…on your site you mention that somewhere in between gives the best balance of shine and size?


yeah, that’s pretty much correct.  Is the ring you want on BN only, or do you see another ring on JA that you like? I prefer JA because of the pictures.  I generally don’t like recommending something I can’t see for myself.


Well the original setting I liked was on BN… It is the

There didn’t seem to be one similar to it on JA or not that I found. I like it because it is not channel set or prongs on the side stones… Unfortunately that one in particular only takes a round or asscher.


Hmm.  What about this one with common prongs:

Or this one:

If you’re not into either of them, then shop around and let me know what you find.  When you have the ring chosen, I’ll take a look for you on that store’s site.


Thanks again! Both of those are indeed nice unfortunately I failed to mention that the ring can’t be too thin either 🙂

Ill look around some more and get back to you! One more thing. Is it acceptable to have say a princess cut centre stone and then on either side have smaller cut round stones (for example)? Or is mixing and matching a faux pas?


Totally fine to mix.


What does it mean when, on the GIA sheet, the inclusions are shown only on the picture showing the underside of the diamond (I.e.  No on the picture on the left showing the table)?


It means those inclusions are more clearly seen from the bottom of the stone.


Hey Ira. Now this diamond seems to be ok except im worried abou the SI1 rating and truth be told about all the red marks i see on the report. What are your thoughs on this one vs another one with less inclusions say for instance this one:

1.05 Carat G-SI1 – Cut Princess Diamond

This G color, SI1 clarity diamond has proportions, a diamond grading report from GIA and a full 30 Day inspection period.

Order By 4:00pm EST and receive on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 as a loose diamond.



Price: $4,000

View this Diamond

Diamond Details

Item Number:1261998
Carat weight:1.05
Polish:Very Good
Symmetry:Very Good


I got the two stones you sent from JA.  Here’s what I think:

First of all, don’t pay any attention to the inclusion plot.  It always makes things look really bad.  It’s there jumst ot show you where the inclusions are and what type they are.  It doesn’t give you any indication of how strong or visible they are.

I always tell people to avoid buying G color stones.  The price jump going from H to G is the highest jump of any one color upgrade.  There’s no real explanation for it, it’s just how the rapaport price list is built.  Since the odds of you being able to notice the difference between an H color and G color sitting next to each other are quite slim, there’s no real reason to pay for that upgrade.

Having said that, I like your idea of going to an H color, but I don’t think you need to upgrade to a VS1.  There’s no need.  You’ll never be able to see a VS2, so why pay more for it to be MORE invisible.  Invisible is invisible.

I took a look and I like these: – nice small table (if that’s what you like)

Have a look at those and let me know what you think.


Hmmm… I like the first two. Now if I can afford to spend more (hypothetically) which aspect would I move up in? Which one would be the most beneficial to add on to (assuming the cut is the ideal which is the highest on this site)…


Go up in size.  Upgrading in color or clarity will most likely be something you’d never be able to detect with your naked eye.  That’s not the case with size.  Just going up in 0.2mm is something your eye will be able to appreciate.


Lol that’s the only one that puts me above my budget…murphy and his laws! So its not worth it in either to go up in clarity or colour eh?


Nope.  Better to save your money!


Hello again ! I think i may be getting close to narrowing it down to a ring but i just wondered about something. How does it work for ordering a ring through JA that is going to be going to canada? Will i get hit with duties and all that?


Use their currency estimator on the bottom left. It will convert it to CAD and add the taxes.


Lol I know you aren’t james allen but do you know if its normal that it says free shipping to canada but then it quotes me 143 for shipping?


For that, you gotta call them.  No clue!




My guess is they are running a free shipping promotion and forgot to update the currency calculator.  Try filing out the shopping cart and see if it adds shipping.


Hey Ira! Sprry I haven’t been able to respond… I think the GF getting suspicious so I have to wait till she is not aound to make sure she doesn’t catch on!

Yes they said it was an oversight that would be corrected soon as was the taxes and duties… He mentioned however that there might be some provincial taxes I needed to investigate so I’m trying to look in to that now!


Sounds great.  Let me know what you come up with!


Hey! I think that this is the one i narrowed it down to with the Ring # :11166P Platinum Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Price: $1,450 (if you can find it like that)… What do you think? 🙂 Its somewhat in my budget range.. I know you suggested not getting a G colur but upgrading the cut or the clarity both put me well above my range so i settled for having a ideal cut g colur and a good clarity.

1.01 Carat G-VS2 – Cut Princess Diamond

This G color, VS2 clarity diamond has proportions, a diamond grading report from GIA and a full 30 Day inspection period.

Order By 4:00pm EST tomorrow and receive on Monday, November 16, 2009 as a loose diamond.



Price: $4,080

View this Diamond

Diamond Details

Item Number:1261045
Carat weight:1.01
Girdle:Slightly thick to thick


I LOVE that ring.  I think it’ll show off the princess cut really nicely.

I checked the diamond, too, and it looks really great.  I think you picked a great combination.  Let me know how the ordering goes.  And please stay in touch and let me know how you like the ring when it arrives!


So I ordered the ring and just sent the bank wire transfer! Ended up being just shy of 6000 cad!

Thanks again for all your help and advice! Certainly made buying online easier!


Wonderful!  Please let me know how it looks when it arrives!  Did you use my coupon code TAD0611 to get 10% off the setting?  If not, maybe it’s not too late.  Try calling them to see if they’ll put it in for you.  It’s not a HUGE saving, but every little bit helps!


I didn’t know about it!! Dang it ill try! Maybe you could put in a good word too 🙂  Thanks! I’d appreciate it!


call as soon as they open and let me konw what they say!

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.  I figured you knew.  It’s posted in bold in every “daily diamond” post on the homepage


Looks like they can do it! I spoke to eileen and they can send out a check in a couple of weeks Thanks!!!! That a hundred and some dollars!!


Great to hear! Now when I ask you to vouch for me on ivouch after you get your ring, I won’t feel so weird doing it 🙂


Hahaha! I read several reviews and even prior to this I was gonna be happy to leave a great “ivouch” !


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