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Q&A: Looking for Ideal Cut Diamond for $5-6K Budget

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I’ve spent the last four months or so trying to decide what would be the perfect diamond for my fiancée to be. I’ve read over everything on your site and have looked at all the diamonds you’ve recommended in my price range (5-6k). I’m still torn as to what kind of diamond would make my girlfriend happiest. I think a diamond with ideal cut and as many carats as I can get would be best. I would prefer not to sacrifice too much in clarity of color, but would be okay with going as low as SI2 clarity and I color.

Two of the diamonds you’ve recommended on your site are:


I know that these are two very different diamonds that fall into roughly the same price range of 6,000 which is just on the high side of what I’d be comfortable spending. Could you recommend a good compromise to these two diamonds?

Thank you so much for your help!

Thank you so much for the prompt response!

They all look great, but I guess I would lean towards either the second or third diamond based almost exclusively on size, but also a

little bit on price. What my untrained eye tells me is that the second diamond looks a little more included overall than the third,

but that the third diamond has a decent sized inclusion in the lower left quadrant. Should any of this be a concern when deciding between the two or would they both look the same to the naked eye? I love that both are ideal cut because I believe that is one thing worth paying for, right?

Also, a few more things. When differentiating between the diamonds, should I be concerned with the girdle? How about the fluorescence? I’ve noticed that the third diamond has a medium blue fluorescence. I’ve read on your site that this can actually be beneficial in lower color grade diamonds and give them a better appearance. So is this blue fluorescence an asset to this I color diamond or is ‘medium’ too strong a fluorescence to be a positive? Also, what effect will the diamond being “slightly faceted” have if any? From looking online, I understand that that is a positive thing due to a good cut. So it seems that the third diamond would have the best girdle. I don’t really know how much weight I should put into that.

Lastly, here is the band I will be using if that should effect anything:

You’re help is immensely appreciated! I know you don’t have to do any of this and it’s amazing to me that you offer your time an expertise so selflessly. My girlfriend is a lovely girl n and I’m just trying to make sure I make the right purchase!


I’m sorry, I just looked on your site and you explained that “medium blue fluorescence” would be a great positive for an I diamond. My question then would be, how much weight should I give this? Also, please don’t be hesitant to just go ahead and tell me what your favorite between the two would be! Thank you!

The 3rd stone has faint fluorescence, not medium. The “medium” that you saw is the girdle.

I wouldn’t put much weight on whether the girdle is faceted or not. It has very little impact on the look of the diamond.

Of the three, I like the third one the best. I’m pretty sure the inclusion on the side can be covered by a prong from the setting, so the stone will then be almost completely clean.

Don’t forget, btw, to use the TAD0611 coupon code to get 10% off the cost of the setting. It’s not much in your case, but every little bit helps!

Thank you very much! I purchased the third diamond and used the ring discount. I can’t wait to pop the question!

My pleasure! Good luck! And please let me know what you think of the ring (and how the proposal goes!)

Will do!


So I figured out why our previous email exchanges were so confusing!I was re-reading our email exchange yesterday and it turns out I opened the diamonds in the wrong order and so when discussing them I misnamed them. I actually purchased the first diamond( you listed. I referred to it as “the third diamond” during our discussion. This is also why I said that it had a medium blue fluorescence. If you read what I said about it, I think you’ll find my observations make more sense. Anyways, I just wanted to know your opinion even though I already ordered it. It just looks so beautiful and clear in the picture from James Allen. I’m hoping it looks the same in person. I am a little concerned with the dark black inclusion in the bottom left of this picture though. Do you think that will show up? I look forward to a response and I will get to see it for myself this Wednesday! So sorry for the confusion. Like I said, I opened all the links and the tabs they created lined up in such a way as to reverse the order (1st = 3rd and 2nd = 2nd, and 3rd = 1st). I’m very grateful for your help!

No problem re: the confusion. That inclusion might visible, but it really depends on how JA sets the stone. If they do a good job and put the prong right where the inclusion is, then it will be very hard to see. The prong won’t cover it, but it will definitely draw your eye away from it in a serious way.

Thanks for the quick response Ira. I’m a little bit worried about the inclusion. I called James Allen and spoke to someone there. They told me the same thing you did; that the inclusion might be visible but could be shielded by the prong which could provide adequate distraction. She also said that the cut and color of the diamond looked very nice and thought that it was a great purchase at this price. So all in all, she basically echoed your sentiments. I must admit that I’m still a bit troubled and that probably won’t change until I can get a good look at it, but I’m hopeful that it will still be suitable. How would you recommend that I proceed? Should I wait until Wednesday when I receive the ring and make a decision when I can see it in person? Or should I maybe look for another diamond that might not have visible inclusions? Thanks again!

I definitely think you should wait and see.. It’s a great stone. You never really realize how small these things are until they’re right in front of you.

Thank you. Will do!

Sounds great. I look forward to hearing your impressions!

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