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Q&A: Looking for a Diamond Down Under

The following is a real email conversation between The Diamond Pro and a reader just like you who contacted us. Personal information is always removed. Learn from these posts, or contact us yourself to get free personalized help.

Hope you are doing well. I have been reading up on diamonds for a while and stumbled upon your website and have to say that the honest information provided here is refreshing and very appreciated.

I’m living in Melb, Australia and am looking for a good engagement ring yet at the same time giving my woman the best I can offer.

Is your goal cheapest price for given parameters, or best diamond for fixed budget?
– Best Diamond for fixed budget (.5 carat and above).

– Round Brilliant

Desired Color Range
– E and below (Leaning towards F-I)

Desired Clarity
– VVS2 and below (Leaning towards VS1-VS2)

– AUD$2,500 (Including setting).

Anything else you might feel is relevant
– She is a quite short and so her hands are not very big, neither are her fingers very long so I’m not sure if a larger diamond (to me honestly anything above .75 is large!) would look good on her.

I have been taking a look at the James Allen and Blue Nile website and have short-listed a few (from James Allen). However, I would still appreciate an expert opinion given the vast range of diamonds available!

Would it be very difficult for them to send it over to Melbourne and would I have to pay extra charges if so?

Sorry if I come across as indecisive and long-winded. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

THanks for writing and the kind words about the site!

Lets start with some of the non-diamond issues:
1) Shipping is free from JA to AUS – you’ll just have to pay VAT which looks to me to be about 13%.
2) Before I recommend a diamond, I need you to pick a setting so I know how much money is left for the diamond! Or at the least, give me an idea of how much you want to spend on the setting.

Look forward to hearing back from you!

Sure thing.

Thanks for getting back to me so swiftly. The reviews speaks for themselves.

1) I noted from additional research that in one of your Q & A sessions you had with an Aussie, he mentioned a possible 15% tax which I’m fine with. If it is now 13% then all the better! I may have relatives/contacts in America so I’m not sure if that can help.

So I thank you once again for all your help. Should you receive any enquiries from Australia in the future, it might be worth mentioning that I was charged 5% import duty, plus 10% Goods and Services Tax.

2) I’ve decided on the setting of choice. I believe this will go well on her. She is definitely into white gold but I’ve read some comparisons of white gold to platinum from your FAQ links (the price difference is x2 but the longevity of platinum is greater), I’m considering opting for platinum which from the link below is US $1,350.00. The say that the white gold is coated with Rhodium to give it a nice shine and it needs to be re-coated regularly, 12-18 months. What do you think is appropriate? I’m not sure of wear and tear.

I’m willing to spend up to 1.8k on the diamond. My maximum budget I’m setting is A$3000. I would like to keep it within A$2500-2700 (Total).

Some additional Info:
– Am really looking for a bright jewel maybe in true hearts but not necessary (As you said, I probably wont be able to appreciate it for the price), ideal is good.

Here’s a few selections I’ve got. Please don’t berate me for my selections but like all the others who’ve gone through you before, I am truly a novice and am willing to listen to get that perfect diamond for her.

0.53, J, IF – $1,430.00 with platinum setting.

.58, G, VS2, $1,760.00 with white gold setting.

.57, E, VS2 – $2030.00, with white gold setting.

Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

I think in your situation white gold might be best since it’ll leave you more room to invest more in the diamond. I think these might be the best options for you:

Let me know what you think!

Thanks. I did some thinking through and agree that white gold should suffice in exchange for a better diamond.

I believe their both great suggestions. Can you let me know if their eye-clean (from reading your website extensively, you suggest nothing less but the best eye-clean as possible, just would like to confirm!)? Or would I have to call and confirm with James Allen?

I’ve recently decided on a slight variation to the setting with the accented version. I’ve only recently noticed that the setting is 3.3MM and realized that a smaller diamond may not be ideal (Again, thanks for the wonderful suggestions on a bigger diamond). Would your earlier suggestions still fit well in this setting?

Also, please let me know what you think of these few diamonds and whether their all eye clean. And if any at all would fit well with the setting (In your order of preference). I noticed that they all looked different in comparison to the two you selected, is it the lighting, polish or color or a combination?

Thanks again for your time.

Can i just ask if the Diamond you suggested earlier will sparkly nicely and the inclusions in-between 12 and 1 o-clock in the True hearts Diamond can be covered by the prongs? Would the inclusion in the middle be visible to the naked eye or am I just seeing things.

Further to my previous e-mail, I forgot to mention, please feel free to send me further suggestions as you see fit. I just really want to get the best diamond for my girl that sparkles and is value for money. I re-read your article on color and am still trying hard to convince myself and accept that the aesthetics and minute differences in the higher grades is lost on the naked eye.

I really identify with one of your previous reader alot. I’ve set the budget conservatively but I don’t want to come off as frugal to my girl. So I’m not sure if taking the color up a notch would do any good especially since I changed the setting to accent.

Apologies for bombarding you with yet more questions. Like all the many many other men before me, I just want to get this right. Appreciate your time and effort.

I think a 0.70ct stone would look fine in that setting. That stone is about 5.7mm, so it should look OK. And of course the stones I suggested would be eye clean!

See my comments below on the stones you linked to. The reason these look different is simply a matter of lighting. Aside from the first one, the others all look great. I would simply suggest you go with the cheapest of the bunch, as they’d all look great. – cut is not great – great choice – also great choice – yet another one!

The inclusion on the edge can be covered, and I don’t believe the inclusion in the center would be visible to the naked eye.

I’ve contacted JA for the True Hearts, SI2 you recommended for some further information. (The more I compare it to the others I personally selected, maybe because of the AGS brightness chart, I can’t help but feel this diamond for it’s value will give Edward Cullen from Twilight a good run for his money in terms of sparkle).

Have some more questions and requests if you don’t mind.

1)With all the JA diamonds that we’re viewing, prior to the virtual loupe, are their photos already magnified?

2)With polish and symmetry, is there a noticeable difference between excellent and very good?

3)You mentioned that .71 would look okay on the setting (not to nit-pick wording) but in your personal/professional opinion, is there an ideal size that you think would look absolutely smashing? I’m more than happy to put in a few hundred more in the diamond for this once off purchase (with $2500, not sure what this can get me) to open up more options.

Again, your help has been very much appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

1) Yes, they’re still magnified. That diamond is 5.7mm in diameter. It’s much larger on your screen, so it’s magnified!
2) No difference at all to your eye. See my articles on Pol/SYm.
3) Not sure a few more hundred would make a difference. It’ll look great!

Thanks again for all the info. I did remember that cost increases exponentially when it comes to size so a couple of hundred wouldn’t make much of a change.

While I await for some confirmation from JA in regards to the stone. Do you think the additional carat would be worth the price-tag. i.e. value for money on these 2 stones if i were to spend a bit extra? Would it make any noticeable difference at all (probably not to the naked eye?)

You must get an endless list of chatter and questions from people who come to you.

Just an update. Have managed to get through to JA about the diamond, I, SI2 and after setting the prong they said all other inclusions will not be visible to the unaided eye.

The more I research the more I only have high regard of your selection. I am clearly a novice and it took awhile for that to sink in (Triple 0, Thin to slightly thick girdle, Tiny culet to boot and so on! Everything within the sweet spot and all in the first e-mail correspondence. Nothing short of amazing!).

Well, I’m almost ready to go all in! Just need some of your insights before I proceed. I’ve narrowed my choices to these two which I’ve already contacted JA to place on hold for 24 hours.

Their both ideal cut Triple 0. Eye-clean. Looking at the brightness figure from the AGS certificates, there’s only very slight difference (to me). So far the only major difference I can tell is the Color (which from reading your articles and links, is almost impossible to tell for the untrained eye) and Carat (.3MM, is this even noticeable?). Well there’s the price difference as well =0

I would really appreciate if you could spare some time for your personal opinion on which you would prefer better and why. Or just a low down of pro’s and cons.
Thanks again.

i don’t remember the price on the 0.71 and it doesn’t show because i’ts on hold.
You’ve pretty much got it all sorted out. 0.30mm Will be noticeable. Not by a lot, but it is noticeable. It’s hard to make a recommendation without knowing their prices, though!

.71 – $2,030.00

.84 – $2,750.00

Would love to hear what you think and yours comments to my previous questions. (Also, if price wasn’t a factor, which would you go for!)

Thanks so much.

I’m glad you wrote me back. I didn’t realize the price difference was so great. In that case, I think you should stick with the 0.71. Yes, 0.3mm is noticeable, but it’s just barely noticeable. Not worth paying another 35%.

One of the JA customer service reps I chatted to actually said to go for the J so I dont have to worry about inclusions and that s/he liked it better. Well, if I was working for JA, I would like me to get the J,SI1 too for an extra 35% (Who wouldn’t and I know it’s part of their job)! Thanks for your straightforward unbiased decision and breaking it down so simply.

Your patience has been tremendously appreciated, it allowed me the time to truly understand your professionalism, dedication and unbiased decisions and consultation. All for free to us (.

Well, I’ll be taking the leap of faith based on your original suggestion (right back to where we started!).

Will let you know and will use the TADJ10 coupon for the setting. Before that, how can I credit you when making this purchase for this suggestion? I read your article about Truth about I just need to make a purchase 30 days within visiting your site?

Thanks so much for caring! If you order from the same computer from which you’ve been clicking on my links to JA, then it should take care of itself automatically.

No worries mate.

I have one last question completely unrelated to diamonds, I was looking for the Hebrew word for Trinity, as in the word for the God-head (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) or just the word for trinity online but just remembered you are living in Israel. Maybe you could help =) Would you be able to tell me or spell it for me in english and give the original in aramaic?

Thanks heaps.

Here you go: שלישיה

check to be sure.

Sorry for a late reply to your last e-mail. Was having trouble finalizing the payment with my bank but all good.

Will let you know how it turns out when I receive it.

THanks so much! Please stay in touch and let me know what you think when it arrives!

It’s been awhile! Hope your doing well.

Would like to let you know that the ring arrived towards the end of April. Would’ve like to e-mail you straight up about how fantastic and stunning the diamond was but I thought it would be even better to tell you after I proposed (which was a long preparation).

She absolutely loved it and said she couldn’t have asked for a more lovely diamond. She could not help staring at it and viewing it through the loupe provided. It has a wonderful brilliance and shine.

Thank you for making such a difficult choice so easy. If you send me a link to the review website (ivouch?), I’d be sure to put in a good word for you.

Have a good day.

Wonderful news! Congratulations!

If you could write an ivouch review, that would be fantastic! Thanks so much.


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