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Q&A: Help Finding a 1.25-1.30Ct. Round Diamond With Around $7,500 Budget

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I have visited your site a few times, but then forgot about it. I will be celebrating 25 years of marriage this year and decided that would be the time to buy the diamond I have always wanted. Reviewed a 1/4 ring that had been in my husband’s family, but had always dreamed of something a little more. I have been saving for years, little here and there, and can now afford what I want, I think. I have also educated myself on diamonds for years so I don’t get into a situation where I overpay.

I recently visited a small town jeweler that was recommended by one of my clients. He said he can get diamonds cheaper because he has guys he works with directly. He brought in a few stones and the one I liked, most sparkle and no color, was 1.3, round, brilliant, E, SI1 for $7500. It looked beautiful, but I couldn’t get over the visible cloudiness on one edge. It could certainly be covered with a couple prongs, but I thought an SI1 would not have flaws visible to the naked eye. Anyway, I did like it, but then asked about the certification. He said it was EGL. I was a bit disappointed and questioned him on the grading. He said the grading certificate co. means nothing anymore and a lot of times they grade on days when they are hung over or trying to get out for the weekend. I was going to go back soon and pay cash for the stone and he would design a setting. However, I am now questioning if there really is a value here. and I do understand the issue of EGL/GIA and how the same stone can be graded much differently.

So, I have yet to tell this gentlemen that I will not be purchasing the diamond. So now my journey begins. I still have some saving to do but am hoping to get a round brilliant in the $7000 range. Color is important. No yellow hint, an F color would be great. I originally thought I needed a clarity in the VS range, But it sounds like I would be ok with something in the SI1 range. Eye-clean would be great. Of course that is relative. I’m 25 years older than when I was married and the eye-sight is not as good. Without glasses, I can only see the sparkle anyway 🙂

Was hesitant to send this email as legitimacy is always a concern. Thank you in advance for any guidance.

You made a great decision with not purchasing that diamond. That jeweler was trying to sell anything it seems. The paperwork matters. GIA or AGS are the only labs we recommend.

I found this as the largest option:

It’s a grade below what you request it, but it still will look colorless.

Let me know what you think.

This is a beautiful diamond. Hard pressed to even see the imperfections with the magnification! What if I went to about 1.3 carat. You can visibly see the difference in grading between GIA and EGL. This is much nicer than the E, SI1 EGL I saw recently at a shop.

Thank you for working with me on this.


Or up to 1.5 carats?

If we go up in carats, there will be no stones within your budget. They might be some 1.30ct, but we would have to lower the color grade. And you said that you’re color sensitive, so I’m not sure about that.

The $7000 is flexible. That is cash on hand, saving for a long time, but it is possible to increase my budget. I just want to make sure I get what I really want 🙂

I also trust your recommendations. If you don’t think there will be much of a noticeable size difference between 1.11-1.3, feel free to give your opinions, you are the expert.


The difference between a 1.10ct and 1.30ct is huge. I tried to find the best price for a ~1.30ct diamond and found this one on Blue Nile: Blue Nile LD09902744

Check it out and let me know.

If you want to go up on 1.50ct, be ready to pay at least 11/12k.

Thank you,

Appreciate all of your hard work. Amazing how fractions of a millimeter can make such a difference in size appearance. Yes, I knew the 1.5ct would be up there. Interesting how I’m finally in a position to spend that kind of money, but now not sure if I want to 🙂

I can see, from all of the G, SI1 out there, you have really found the best in that clarity and color combination. A lot out there that have a lot of carbon dead center, so thank you.

I guess this is the point where I really need the expert advice. I am not willing to compromise color for size. I also want to make sure I am doing the right thing by looking at SI1. I don’t need to have a stone in the VS clarity, that can only be seen under powerful magnification, just to know it’s in the VS range. That is my rationale for SI1 a little more value for the money if it’s an SI1 with flaws that can be covered with a prong, etc… You have done a great job at finding these. I think the size I would be most comfortable with would be 1.25-1.3 range (as you have found). I really like the James Allen site, but have also looked at Blue Nile in the past. So I have some thinking to do.

Feel free to send any others you find in this range as well as any advise.


Those were the best options I found. I can recommend more, but they won’t be better valued. Take your time to think about what you prefer and what you like more and get back to me with any questions you may have.

Thank you, will do.

My pleasure.


You patiently helped me look for a diamond several weeks ago, but I was too slow and the beautiful stone you found me is no longer available. Therefore, I am once again in need of your expert help. Will be celebrating 25 years of marriage in a month and am ready to buy. I decided a good number for diamond size would be around 1.25, .25 for every 5 years 😉

I am looking for a stone with little to no color, F,G? Fairly clear, SI1 max, no florescence, etc. You opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thinking that price would be in the $8000 range?


I’ll be happy to help you again. What email address did you use last time? I would like to find our previous conversation and check what we were discussing, so you don’t have to tell me all the things again.

I believe I used this email. If that does not show any results, it may be the same address, only .net instead of .com, I am no longer using that one.

Please feel free to show quality diamonds in and around the parameters I have selected as well 🙂 Quality is important.

Thank you!!

I found our previous conversation.

I would take H diamonds under consideration as well as they don’t look much different from the G ones. Ifound these two diamonds that look great:

Let me know what you think of them.

Thank you,

These both look beautiful. I love the clarity of the H stone. I will have to think about the letter grade. Going from and F to a G was a compromise for me. To the naked eye, do you think there is much of a color difference between the F and H? It’s a beautiful stone. I also noticed on this one that the girdle was described as a little thicker, which I think would be desirable.


There won’t be a big difference between an F and H. I wouldn’t worry about getting an H. It’s a beautiful stone and it won’t look any yellow.

The girdle is fine on both stones.

I also received an empty email from you. Did you want to send me something?

Lol, I must have been thinking of emailing, but a client came in and hit send in error 🙂

I wanted to ask, that if for some reason, though not likely, I chose a diamond from James Allen that you did not recommend, would you still get the credit. That would be important to me, so want to make sure that happens.

I love the stones you selected. Will be making a selection soon 🙂

Thank you!

Thanks for thinking of us. I greatly appreciate it.

If you find a different stone you want to purchase, send it over and I will send you our affiliate link. Or just mention us during the process.

Let me know how you decide.

OK! Will do. You have certainly found the best I believe!! I have studied the 4 C’s for so long I think I am fixated on the letters and numbers too much. Both stones you found look great!


I’m glad to hear that. Sometimes the more people learn, the more they get carried away. But I’m always here to help.


One of the stones you found for me to consider is no longer available, the “H’. I do like the other stone, F, SI2. Why is this considered SI2? Can you see the flaws with the naked eye?

If you can possibly find a couple more options to compare, I would really appreciate it 🙂

Thanks so much!

The F diamond has a lot of inclusions, that’s why it probably got the SI2 grade. However, because they are all located on the edge of the diamond, the biggest ones can be covered with prongs and the rest won’t be noticeable.

I found another one that looks incredible and it even costs less:

Let me know what you think of it.

Thank you!

My pleasure.

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